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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


You can never have too many candles or too much salt. To protect your home against ill will. Place a ring of salt around the house so no evil can cross. Use sage or rosemary smudges to cleanse the house from evil spirits or negative energy. Use apples that have been halved to show the natural pentagram in the centre and place laurel leaves (bay leaves) across the apple half and place them outside of a doorway to prevent any evil from entering. (it's organic so Mother Nature will take care of the apple or any little hungry critters)

Keep Thyme, Rosemary, Salt, Parsley, Bay Leaves on hand at all times.


Sweating the small stuff takes you away from enjoying the big stuff.

Catching Up

I thought not having my laptop for a few days would be easy to contend with. I would just use my husband's desk top and putter like normal. Unfortunately, I forgot to take into consideration that my back is not suited for sitting at a desk anymore. I have to have my back reclined in order to do any typing on the laptop. I think I managed 5 minutes before the pain was kicking in. Needless to say, my time on that computer was extremely limited.

While the laptop was in being repaired for a manufacturer's defect, I spent time reflecting and contemplating what my life would be like without social media, technology and online interactions. What I discovered was quite troubling. I found that I felt more alone, disconnected and unaware of world activities. Sure I still had t.v. and mercifully "CNN"  but it wasn't the same. Twitter, email, blogging, it all allows us to connect on a global manner rather than just locally.

Being globally aware gives a different perspective on most things we can take for granted. Watching the rioting in Greece is nothing like reading the 'tweets' of someone who is there experiencing it first hand and sharing it with no thought of safety, just a desire to create compassion and support for a common struggle.

Of course, my blog is now a few days out of sync, but hey life happens and that is why most of us created our blogs in the first place. It seems weird to reminisce about when we were kids and televisions didn't have remotes or color and then gaze upon the modern PVR's, laptops, cell phones and wonder how we survived without them.

For me my pain and technology are virtually the same in thought process. I can't remember what it is like to not have either.