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Saturday, October 01, 2011


Oct 1 2011

Nestled in the beauty and majesty of Whistler British Columbia is an enticing micro-brewery/pub ideally called "The BrewHhouse".  The BrewHouse has 5 locations within the lower Mainland of Vancouver and the Whistler location certainly shines as one of their brilliant stars.

Just walking distance from the famed 'Olympic Plaza', the BrewHouse is a great spot for a quick beer (I suggest trying the Alta Lake Lager) or warming up by the two sided  fireplace and enjoying a leisurely dining experience.  The wooden framed building paired up black and red leather seating gives the pub a definite 'Chalet' feeling and a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Your seating can be as varied as you want with sitting in the pub, restaurant or mezzanine area. You can even catch with news or sports with their television screens as well or enjoy the spirit of youth by following their elevated train circling the BrewHouse.

The menu is diverse with a focus on twisting up 'traditional' favorites like macaroni and cheese and chopped salad. Daily specials are absolutely worth the try, like the 'Patatas Con Carne' (a glorious match up of prime rib, rich gravy, hand made French fries, onions and crimini mushrooms) It's like chilli fries to the max!

For the vegetarians, they have several dishes to choose from with the option of making some of the other dishes meat free. Their chopped salad comes with Genoa salami and smoked ham which can be set aside for a pure vegetarian delight. The salad has romaine lettuce, fancy greens, chick peas, peppers, gruyere cheese and a Dijon vinaigrette that is simply heaven on earth.

With a wide selection of wines from all over the world and of course some amazing BC favorites like Burrowing Owl Winery, it is easy to find a wonderful wine to accompany any of their dishes.

If you have room after their well portioned entrees, they do have something for the sweet tooth as well as coffees. They do have an expanded menu for after 5pm including a succulent prime rib dinner. Whether you dine at the Whistler location or one of the others (Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver, Yaletown), you won't be disappointed and you won't go home hungry.

Price Range  $$-$$$$



  • RESTAURANTS will be rated on the $-$$$$$ rating system. Where 1 $ = least expensive and 5 $$$$$ = most expensive
  • MOVIES will be rated on the Claw system.  Where 1 claw = worst movie ever and 5 claws = best not to miss this one.
  • TV SHOWS will also be rated on the Claw system. *see above*

Hope you enjoy my reviews and recommendations!



Keeping a good sense of humor and knowing how to laugh at yourself and at situations is the key to a happy life. Everyone should have a good 'depends' moment every day. 

Depends moment = something that makes you laugh so hard that you pee your pants



Remember to heal all Chakra points when doing any healing energy touch. Every spiritual point should be cleansed and re-aligned to create a positive energy and clear Chakras

The View...excerpt from 'Inside the Dragon's Heart'

The View

Clouds billowing into vivid pictures

Visible only through childlike imagination
The blueness of the sky behind them
Shines like a brilliant sapphire

The crispness of the winter’s air
Invigorates the awaiting lungs
The snow begins to gently fall
Blanketing the mountains and the valley beneath

The line between heaven and earth
Fades from view as the mountain peaks slip 
From emerald green to a marshmallow white
Untouched perfection captivating the inhabitants below

The wonderment of winter
The view that takes a breath away
Picture perfect and postcard worthy
The view awaits its beholding

Sher B….2002-08-19 ©

Friday, September 30, 2011


Always remember to cleanse your tarot cards after each reading to prevent negative energy transfers.


A bully on a playground might think he is the biggest fish in the pond but sooner or later there is always a BIGGER fish. Stand up and take a stand against bullying! No one deserves to be bullied..NO ONE

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Socrates Greek Taverna Restaurant Review

Socrates Greek Taverna Restaurant Review
Sher Boudreau
Sept 29, 2011

The taste, sights and sounds of Greece come alive in Socrates Greek Taverna in Maple Ridge British Columbia.

With a fabulous menu and friendly staff like 'Maggie', Socrates is a great place for an intimate dinner for two or a family outing. The authentic music from Greece adds to the enjoyment of the dining experience.

If you choose to start off your dinner with an appetizer, I suggest a plate of  'Keftedes' (a Greek style meatball that is to die for) which is served with fresh tzatziki and hot pita bread and a wedge of lemon. If fish is more your style, try starting off with a plate of calamari or 'Shrimp A la Pana' (tiger prawns in marinara sauce).

Entrees are both traditional and they also serve some Italian and 'Canadiana' dishes. I highly recommend the lamp chops. Served with potatoes, rice and Greek salad. For $17.95, it's a bargain. For the hungry man, nothing hits the spot like their 'Greek Style Ribs' (pork ribs that are seasoned and cooked to fall off the bone perfection).  For the non meat eaters, Socrates has a myriad of seafood dishes and a fantastically filling Veggie Plate (potatoes, rice and Greek salad).

To accompany your meal, Socrates has several beers and wines available as well as the non alcoholic normalities. 

Of course, no dinner is ever complete without dessert and Socrates presents some of the richest, most decadent desserts Maple Ridge has. From the traditional Baklava to the light but still opulent Mango berry Cheesecake.

Socrates offers both dine in and take out as well as limited delivery (with minimum purchase). Reservations aren't always necessary but I do recommend them for a special evening or on the weekend when they are quite busy.

Price Range $$-$$$



Past life regression and understanding: Deja vu is your past life reminding you of a similar situation and how to deal with it



Love is blind to sex, religion, race, creed, color, orientation. If we were all like love, the world would be a truly utopic place

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adopted and Illness

Being adopted has placed a variety of obstacles in my path over the years but none as powerful and as frustrating as my medical background. Every time I visit a doctor or have to have a test at a hospital, I cringe with the question 'Is there a history of this in your family?'. 

In recent years, the Province of Ontario has opened all the sealed adoption records. Allowing 'adoptees' like me to apply to get birth records and medical histories. The problem lies in that most birth mothers were not so 'open' with their family histories and/or medical records to adoption agencies etc. It's even worse when it is a single parent adoption like mine. My birth mother did not divulge a name for my birth father and with that no history, no medical information, just a large empty frustrating void.

At 44 this has become a more critical situation for me as my health has taken a huge twist and answers would ease a great deal of stress surrounding my illnesses. Finding out if they are genetic or spontaneous would help not me but my daughter as well. Being able to tell my daughter that my illnesses are a fluke and that she isn't destined to be stricken with Meniere's, Fibro, Osteoarthritis, Hypoglycaemia and Depression. 

The journey is going to be a long one I'm sure but all I can do is press on and hope that there are answers out there for me. 

the quest continues......



Pagan emergency kit : candle, smudge, feather, token, mirror, salt. Perfect for the unexpected.



Being Pagan doesn't make you a Satanist, just as being a witch doesn't make you Wiccan. Being a bully doesn't make you strong, standing up to a bully does!

Be who you are. Be proud of who you are. Don't let anyone tell you aren't you are meant to be!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weather and chronic pain

As many chronic pain sufferers can tell you, anything can be a trigger to set off a cascade of body aches, depression and a strong desire to find a small hole and hide away from the world.

For me, it's the weather that adversely affects my daily activities. My body is almost like a barometer, in that when the weather is going to change my body tells me immediately. The pain is unbearable and even my strongest of medications doesn't help. When the sun is shining and the temperature is moderate (65-75 degrees f/14-23 degrees c), the body aches ease a certain amount but that doesn't mean I still don't get flair ups during the summer. Cold, wet, and humid are villians and I don't even want to get started on what happens during snow season.

There is no perfect weather location to live because weather and chronic pain are just so unpredictable. As I stare out at the fall season hitting the west coast, I know my happy days are quickly coming to a close and the long painful winter season is approaching.

Arthritis, fibro, chronic pain syndrome and bad weather are really not good bed fellows.

But life goes on........

Thunderstorms...excerpt from 'Inside the Dragon's Heart'


 Storm brewing off in the distance

A roaring fire warms the candlelit room

Down filled blanket covers the floor

Half empty wine glasses rest easy

Thunder rolls louder and louder

Tears well in the fear stricken eyes

A gentle embrace to ensure security

Lips softly pressed together for reassurances

 Pillows tossed down to rest the heads

Goosebumps overwhelm the exposed flesh

The desire for snuggling close

Becomes stronger with each crack of lightening

Tears intensify as slight fear turns to terror

Curtains drawn tightly closed

Yet still the lightening intrudes

Screams echo in the house’s silence

 As a child the storms brought forth nightmares

The adult turns into the weeping child

Pleading for its ending

The thunder rolls as if angered by the pleads

With a final mighty crack of lightening

The skies open up to a torrential rain

Dousing the earth with its life-giving moisture

The thunder and lightening cease

As if commanded by the clouds

Another thunderstorm passes by

The season almost at its end

Fears subside a little more each time

One day gone for good

Till then there are always teddy bears!

Sher Boudreau..2002-08-22 ©



Having a dream journal beside your bed is a great way to refer to a recurring or troubling dream for future analysis.  Understanding your dreams is the gateway to finding your inner strength and peace.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fabric of the Universe...excerpt from "Inside the Dragon's Heart"

Fabric of universe

 Gazing at the stars within the fabric of the universe

Shining brightly for all to behold

Streaming to the ground being captured by a wish

Placed inside the heart for eternity

 The smile is the star reflecting outwards

Inspiring and invigorating its witnesses

Sharing its warmth and brilliance

Infecting all with a happiness unparalleled

Growing in intensity and radiance

Encompassing the surroundings

Keeping the strength of its lustre bold

Providing a light to the dimness of life

Looking into the heavens for the thread of humanity

Unravelling a portion for security and love

A never-ending fabric of stars and dreams

Kept together by hope and optimism

How big is your piece

Will it stand the passage of time

Will your fabric instill a faith or motivate another

Tie the loose ends to strengthen its resolve

Give some back from what you have taken

From the fabric of the universe

Sher …2002-06-17 (C)