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Being adopted at 6 weeks old and finding out at the age of 7 was traumatic to say the very least. Over the last thirty-one years, I've been searching to find my roots and to find out where I come from. Not just from an historical point of view but also a medical one now that my health is failing and compounded with chronic incurable illnesses. 

While searching for answers, the sinister cries from the 'Pandora's box' that is my background have grown louder and stronger thanks to the invention of the Internet and World Wide Web.  Sometimes answers takes decades to find and then there are others that fall into your lap when you aren't even looking.

In the back of my mind, there is always that little voice that says, 'what will you tell Mom about looking for birth family?'. I wish I had an adequate answer for that. I wish to cause no pain or anguish for my adoptive mother or other family members for that matter. Still, I need to find out for myself as much as I can and owe it to my daughter to give her a better picture of who she is and where her ancestry is from.

So now, here I am with the beginnings of a new novel for me. 'The History of Me' an adopted child's journey for answers.

to be continued.......