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Saturday, November 19, 2011



Once you have mastered your intuition and empathic abilities, the voices that sound cluttered and chaotic will silence and have fluidity enough to decipher in order to lend assistance. 

Not everyone is an empathic but it is possible to learn how to sense emotions and thoughts in order to correctly read your clients



Today is election day in British Columbia. All I can say is: if you don't go out and vote, you don't get your voice heard. It's our CIVIC DUTY to vote in every election not just the Provincial or Federal. Not only is it a part of the democratic process, but it is the only way that you can truly have a say in what goes on in your community. If you don't like or do like what is happening in your city/town etc., step up and vote for what you believe or who you believe in.

Now, after the polls are closed, if you DIDN'T vote, you really DON'T get a voice. 3 years until you can voice your opinion again. 

My congratulations to all those who were elected today and to those who chose to run and didn't quite make it, I say 'Thank You'. Being civic minded is a very noble and wonderful thing. Without people like you, we would still all be living in the darkness of ignorance.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I wanted to write you a letter to tell you I still believe in you. Everyone has tried to tell me that you don't exist but I think they have just forgotten what it is like to have the imagination of a child. 

At 44, you would think that I wouldn't still believe in you. The truth is, if I didn't believe in you then I also wouldn't believe in love, compassion, tenderness, empathy, faith and most of all humanity. You have given me so much throughout my life that you have to be real. Right? 

I mean, who could make so many people smile and feel warm and tingly inside even in the harshest of winters' nights. People are so nice this time of year. They open doors, say 'hello' and 'Happy Holidays' while bustling around with shopping bags and screaming kids in tow. That is a miracle right there in itself. Santa, if you aren't real then I have to look at the world with different eyes and I'm just not prepared to do that. 

I don't want to look at the world with hatred, disgust and contempt. I don't want to look at people and see the worst in them. I want to smell the roses not just see them for the flowers they are. I want to think that people are inherently nice and that it takes an act of anger to make them mean and hateful.

Santa, I know I have rambled on and on, and usually, you get a few choppy sentences with a giant list of toys from a wee child instead. I'm hoping you will read my letter with an open mind and open heart like I believe you possess. 

If you are able, for Christmas this year, all I want is: To have the heart of a child and the ability to look at the world with compassion, tenderness and hope.

If you can't bring me this for Christmas, I'll understand. I won't stop believing in you. I'll just keep hoping until next year.



ps.... I really really want a Food Processor :) Come on, you are Santa after all!!

Friday, November 18, 2011



Trust your instincts. Intuition can be a very powerful tool when tapped correctly. Rely on your inner voice to tell you what you need. 


Don't forget to do your CIVIC DUTY and vote tomorrow! 

One voice makes little motion. Many voices united can move mountains.

If you don't vote, you don't get to complain. Be a voice for change, a voice for those who cannot speak and be a voice to be reckoned with.



Nestled in the quaint city of Hope, British Columbia is a quirky little bistro/coffee by the name of Blue Moose. If the name gives you a giddy feeling, entering the bistro will as well. Eclectic furnishings, sweet aromas of baked goodies and the robust scent of coffee in the air are complimented by a giant stuff moose greeting you at the door.

On the wall is brilliant artwork from budding artists as well as an incredible moose head relief sculpture. The very friendly baristas welcome you and prepare your 'Fair Trade' coffees to taste.

It's a perfect little getaway and the views around Hope are breathtaking.

Price Range $-$$



A recent excursion to Oliver and the quest for exceptional wines led down the Golden Mile to Tinhorn Creek. The wines are made with a modern attitude in a classic manner. The sweet smell of Cedar barrels engulfs the senses while on the tour of their incredible facility. From seed to bottle, Tinhorn's mission is to provide exceptional wine while being environmentally conscious.

On the immense property is the contemporary restaurant Miradoro. A beautiful partnership between Manuel Ferreira and Tinhorn Creek.  With panoramic views, there is no bad seat in the restaurant including their large patio seating.  In keeping with Tinhorn and Miradoro's vision for carbon neutrality, they are more than pleased to provide patrons with Vivreau water (sparkling or flat).

The menu is as exquisite as the Winery itself. From tapas to dinner to dulce their menu will deliver incredible tastes for all your senses. From the Charcuterie plate (chef prepared plate of meats and pates) to Albondigas (pork and beef meatballs in a roast tomato sauce), the selections will keep everyone's palate from getting stale.

If you love pizza, Miradoro's traditional pizza oven delivers perfectly baked pizza with premium toppings like pancetta and smoked mozzarella.  Of course, if you still have room, the desserts are to die for. Whether it be a slice of decadent tiramisu or the gentle but tart lemon créme served with apricot compote and a lavender sablé cookie.

Whether you pop into Miradoro for a glass of Tinhorn Creek Rose (when available) and a quick bite or enjoy a bottle of Quinta Ferreira Cabernet Sauvignon and a leisurely meal, you'll come away with a memory that will last a lifetime. Tinhorn Creek, Miradoro and Oliver BC a triple treat for anyone to enjoy.


Chevron's Annual Service Awards Banquet
Hart House at Deer Lake Park

It is a rare feat these days to be employed with one employer for more than 5 years. So when someone celebrates a milestone anniversary of employment it is definitely worth celebrating.

On November 17, 2011,  Chevron's Burnaby Refinery hosted their Annual Service Awards Banquet at the historical Hart House in Deer Lake Park, Burnaby. Chevron has a long standing history with hosting their banquets at the Hart House.

The evening started with incredible hors d'oeuvres  that included: Angus beef sliders, Anjou pear topped with a crisp blue cheese and wrapped in Italian prosciutto, Deep fried Risotto balls with aioli sauce, Spring rolls and Deep fried prawn and crab balls.

The evening's dinner menu started with a fresh and crisp Caesar salad followed by a generous portion of steaming mushroom, sweet pea risotto. The creamy texture blended with the wild mushrooms made it appetizing and delectable to the palate. The main course was a choice of either Angus beef or chicken. The beef was prepared in a perfect medium rare and served up with potatoes gratin, haricot verts and roasted garlic. The chicken breast was roasted and also accompanied by the potatoes gratin and haricot verts.  Dessert was a caramelized lemon tart with a raspberry coulee along with coffee and tea.

The evening's entertainment not only included employees receiving 'commemorative' gifts to mark the anniversary. (the gifts were all in good fun marking the decades that each service award was given for and the 'real' Chevron Service Awards were awarded independently).  10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service were recognized by Chevron and their respective employees (including Pitt Meadows residents Jim Hamilton and Brek Stewart each with 30 years). Humor to the night was added not only by the beautiful snowfall outside but also by the Vancouver Theatre Sports Improv Troop from Granville Island. Hilarity, and `gentle` ribbing of a few select Chevron employees made the evening festive and delightful to be a part of.

Congratulations to all the Service Award Recipients.

The View...excerpt from 'Inside the Dragon's Heart'


Clouds billowing into vivid pictures
Visible only through childlike imagination
The blueness of the sky behind them
Shines like a brilliant sapphire

The crispness of the winter’s air
Invigorates the awaiting lungs
The snow begins to gently fall
Blanketing the mountains and the valley beneath

The line between heaven and earth
Fades from view as the mountain peaks slip 
From emerald green to a marshmallow white
Untouched perfection captivating the inhabitants below

The wonderment of winter
The view that takes a breath away
Picture perfect and postcard worthy
The view awaits its beholding

Sher Boudreau….2002-08-19 ©

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coping with Loss A Journey to Self Healing

September 11 2001

A day that needs no remarks really because everyone in the world recognizes that date for one reason or another. For me, that date came with a very high price; life.  The profound loss from that day has been at best a challenge to contend with. At worst, it reminds me of mortality and what has been left in deaths wake.

Sure, everyone will tell you that you have to go through all the stages of grief before you can truly heal, but what if you can't manage the stages? Anger seems to be the stage that staggers my progress of self healing. I'm angry that I wasn't there to save my friends. I'm angry that terrorists disrupted the lives of millions by becoming mass murderers. I'm angry that vengeance really didn't resolve any issue. I'm angry that I can't watch any of my 'military action' films without crying hysterically. I'm angry that family and friends that weren't affected by the tragedy don't understand emotional upheaval. Mostly, I'm angry that I was made to feel completely helpless and vulnerable.

So here it is 10 yrs later. Wow! I can't even fathom that 10 years have flown by without me even noticing. To me, it is still like it just happened. The nightmares are as vivid as reality. I struggle daily with feeling desolation and hatred. There hasn't really been any comfort for me. People have tried to comfort me in a myriad of ways but still the pain flows over me like a waterfall during winter thaw. 

Those who were lost, their lives have been forever marked with the black pen of murder. Their families left to continue their journey alone and with an unfillable void.  An annual memorial service reminds us all what transpired and what was lost but it doesn't change history. 

We will all eventually be able to move on, cope and heal but those of us who still struggle daily will always feel the anguish and yearn to turn back the clock to a happier time. My clock would be turned back so far that my life would not reveal itself to be anything like it is right now. That being said, I am who I am because of what has happened not in spite of it. 

"That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger", a quote that I've recited over and over again but absolutely without a doubt do not believe for a second. That which doesn't kill us, leaves us here to endure the death of others. 

To those that I have lost, I say, I miss you and love you always. To those who have lost, I say, you are never alone and you will always find a shoulder or tissue to cry into.

forever x eternity = infinity 



Make sure when smudging a house for cleansing that you smudge doorways, hidden cubbie holes, window sills, vents. Maintain focus and be sure to cleanse all floors not just living areas. Use sage&lavender smudge for extra punch!

Yule is approaching, so be sure to stock up on candles, boughs, apples, laurel and mead!!



Consistency isn't always possible. Sometimes life events get in the way of being consistent. Coping with change is easier than fighting it. Embrace each day like it is your last!


Such a simplistic question should be fairly simple to respond to right? Unfortunately, that is one question I dread these days. Its the unending roller coaster that is my stomach that dictates how my day will go food wise. One day, I can eat whatever and experience discomfort that is moderately tolerable and the next day, even water makes for good porcelain god worship. 

I could handle not eating very much provided what I did eat stayed down. The violent bowel explosions, excruciating stomach pain and depression that comes from a disappointing meal attempt make it so difficult to even want to eat.  

While I am enjoying the weight loss (40 lbs approx), the rapid loss scares me greatly and the lack of answers surrounding the issue worry me even more. Sure the label of 'IBS' (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is fine but it doesn't quite engulf everything I endure on a daily basis. Add that to the Fibromyalgia, Meniere's Disease, Osteoarthritis and chronic Depression and you have the medical concoction that is my life. 

I am well aware that there is no cure for any of the conditions and aware that medications only 'help' control the symptoms and 'slightly' ease the pain but really don't heal. The ongoing fight with  government to get my 'disability' pension is wearing me down but I am not giving up. I know that work is not an option for me anymore. The amount of pain may vary from day-to-day but it is always there. 

I wish that there was a magic wand that could make me and everyone else who suffers from Chronic Illnesses happily healed. Until then, I guess I'll just have to wait patiently ha ha and endure every day as it comes. 

The sum of my pain does not define me as a person, I define myself as me. I just wish I knew what that definition was. 


Aspartame has been Renamed and is Now Being Marketed as a Natural Sweetener

Aspartame has been Renamed and is Now Being Marketed as a Natural Sweetener