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Monday, May 28, 2012

Excerpt from my book "Written In Blood"

Memorial day

Reflections into the pool of memories
Memorials to tragedies in the distance
Ribbons and medals adorn a proud chest
Tears to the fallen fill the waters of sorrows

Battles fought bravely war at its end
Rivers of blood sweat and tears
Strangers in boot-camp turn into life-long friends
A commonality of horrors to share

Old glory waves from a summer breeze
Parades and fireworks to mark the day
Gone but not forgotten our brothers-in-arms
Celebrate the victories while honoring the lost

Voices raised in patriotic song
Lining up on streets in every city
Cheering those with crooked smiles and battle scars
Marking still another memorial day

The award I totally wasn't expecting on Twitpic

The award I totally wasn't expecting on Twitpic