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Friday, September 14, 2012

Raven's Horror Movie Suggestions

It's that time again. To start contemplating your October movie viewing schedule. To help you out this year, I thought I would share some of my favorites. 

I'm a die-hard 'B' movie cult classic buff and live for the days of horror movies done in B&W. 

Ready to scream?  

  1. Satanic Rites of Dracula circa 1973 with two of the "Masters of Horror" Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. While campy with the cinematography, it is still a great movie to get fans into the horror genre gently. 
  2. Salem's Lot circa 1979. The original adaptation from one of my heroes 'Stephen King'. Starring a then hit lister David Soul and the ever stoic and creepy James Mason. Creepy, eerie and the start to a long gloriously gruesome marriage between fiction and film. 
  3. When A Stranger Calls circa 1979. Forget the wimpy remake and settle into this classic movie that makes any babysitter leery of a new job.  Starring Charles Durning and Carol Kane, the babysitter finds herself in deep trouble when she is asked 'Have you checked the children'
  4. Halloween 3 Season of The Witch circa 1982.  Forget Mike Myers, Dan O'Herlihy's portrayal of Conal Cochran will send anyone screaming from the room. This ghastly film incorporates the joy of halloween costumes with the grisly demonic overlord wanting to take over the world. John Carpenter is stellar in his direction of this classic.
  5. The Fog circa 1980. John Carpenter is again awesome in his direction of this spooky little movie. Starring Andrienne Barbeau (the mother of all horror actresses) and a little known star Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie is crisp, action packed and leaves your fingernails bleeding from gripping fear. 
  6. The Andromeda Strain circa 2008. While the original starring Dan Hill is phenomenal, the remake has the high tech special effects edge that makes it top notch. Starring the sexy Benjamin Bratt, Rick Schoeder and Eric McCormick.  An alien virus quickly starts to spread through rural middle America and it is up to the elite scientific team led by Bratt to find a cure to the mysterious deadly disease. Out of the brilliant mind of Michael Crichton, this is one movie (tv mini-series) not to pass up.
**stay tuned more of my favorites to come**

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

TEMPTED..excerpt from "Temptations of the Dragon" (c)2002

Tempted by the fascination of the unknown
Walking into the darkness searching for the light ahead
Witnessing the changes in the world around
Embracing the path laid forth and venturing in

Tempted by fate but still not accepting its reality
Seeking out the love predestined for life
Engulfed in the seduction of its touch and feel

Accepting the temptation of body and flesh
Reaching into the depths of your soul
 Releasing the fire within
Caressing and nurturing the new found sensations
Reacting to its touch, fuelling the passions hidden from sight

Tempted by the sweet emotions of love
Desiring the full effect from its warmth
Corrupted by the sheer primal instincts
Engaging in the carnality of mutual satisfaction

Tempted by the gratifications the flesh has to offer
Seductions become the norm
Crimes of passion take over
From the dignity of honorable conduct
Leaving a pile of mangled flesh writhing in satin sheets

Tempted by the flesh, tempted by the savage within
Distracted by the images playing inside the mind
Sensuality becomes your entire persona
Exotic and erotic as you seek more temptations

Sacrificing purity for the demon that resides inside
Welcoming the hedonism that quenches the thirst
Relinquishing all inhibitions venturing into 
the realm of ultimate pleasure
As you become tempted

Sher Boudreau…2002-11-11 (c)

Haunted..excerpt from "Inside the Dragon's Heart" (c)2002

Haunted from the darkness of the eyes

Enchanted with a glistening smile
Enthralled by contours and curves
Obsessed with the untouchable

Lusting for the unattainable
Desiring the pleasure of the flesh
Yearning for a glimmer of hope
A chance to touch a dream

Nights filled with mental imagery
Experiencing that special moment
Two bodies in gratifications
Waking to a cold hard sweat

An illusion that will not fade
A mystery wanting to be unfolded
Longing to feel an emotional connection
A fantasy consuming life

Through messages and pictures
Imagination replaces reality
Visions control every consciousness
Haunted by a what if

 A brief encounter could fill the void
Ease the suffering of the heart
Feeding the craving cures the preoccupations
Single embrace releases the ghosts

Forever haunted with the impossible
A remnant of sanity remains in tact
Preventing the total destruction of the mind
Yet still yearning for the affections of another

Sher Boudreau…..2002-08-07 ©

Affair of the Mind...excerpt from "Inside the Dragon's Heart" (c) 2002

An Affair of the Mind

She stared at him across the room

Looking away not wanting to be caught
Glancing down at the ring on her finger
Taken but not fulfilled by love

He was the picture of perfection
Tall and rugged with a tender smile
Silver hair glistened in the softly lit room
His jeans fit him like a glove

Casually talking to one another
Careful not to create unwanted questions
Whimsical flirting back and forth
An alluring smile sets the stage

Their age difference never discussed
Maturity is equal to the moon’s full circle
Tempted by lustful thoughts
They yearned for each other’s touch

Simple glances meaning so much more
Playful laughter hiding the sexual tension
Forbidden yet desired
Complications and consequences

The affair remains in dreamland
Pleasures survive in fantasy
No one to be the wiser
Their paths will merge one day

Sher Boudreau…..2002-10-15 (c)

TRAPPED..excerpt from "Thoughts from the Talon" (c) 2006

Into the night she seeks him out
A victimized soul easy prey
Whispering her yearnings to his mind
He comes to her willingly

Her wings engulf his firm body
Deeper he falls into a trance
Her eyes dark and seductive
Hiding her ultimate goal

Her lips red and dripping of blood
She tastes him with hunger and lust
To her he is more than nourishment
He is her concubine of the night

Trapped by her talons
He gives himself to her fully
Surrendering his life into her grasp
A loyal consort of her flesh

Waking to the insatiable bloodlust
He takes direction like a learning child
Taking flight and seeking his own prey
No longer the victim

As the dawn breaks
They seek comfort and shelter
Their bodies intertwined in darkness
Waiting for the next moment to feast

Sher boudreau 03-05-2006 (c)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A SOLEMN DAY...excerpt from 'WRITTEN IN BLOOD' (c) 2002


A mournful anniversary brings forth tears
Precious lives lost in terrorism
Soldiers holding fast with arms cocked
Fighting an unending battle

Flowers memorials speeches and tributes
A bare comfort to those left behind
Shattered pieces still unable to repair
Life forever changed in a split second

Light beacons as freedom rings
Ribbons display our support
A second day to live in infamy
Battered bruised but surviving

A nation’s resolve restructured
Rallying around our brave military
We are not afraid
A solemn day made us stronger

FREEDOM...excerpt from 'Written in Blood' (c) 2002


A privilege held by fingertips
Preserved in fragility
Standing on a wall gazing at the enemies
Guns held to the chest waiting to fire

An eerie silence overwhelms
Chills from the unknown embrace the skin
Trained for the moment
Yet unprepared for its eventuality

Unsuspecting civilians sleep at night
Unaware of the battles faced
Blood shed, lives lost
Medals awarded
Celebratory parades
Flags waving
Joyful moments
A soldier stands proud
A scream in the night
Waking from the images of death
Remembering it’s all in the line of duty
To keep the freedom alive

Lisa Copen: 8 Ways to Annoy a Friend With a Chronic Illness

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