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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


issue 6


The Annual Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association is starting this weekend and one of the first games is right here in Pitt Meadows. 

At the newly renovated (still in renovation mode) Pitt Meadows Arena on Bonson Rd. The game gets under way at 4:45pm and goes until 7:45pm. 

The best part is my news! I'm thrilled to announce that the Stomping Ground Coffee House will be the concession vendor on site!!

Providing 'Fair Trade' coffee, teas and fantastic snacks for all the fans!

As it is a temporary location, cash will be the only type of payment available. So be sure to hit up the ATM before heading to the rink.

You can find the Stomping Ground Coffee House on Facebook or visit their awesome website for more information.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Forgotten Etiquette

issue 5

Forgotten Etiquette

Emily Post is likely doing back flips in her grave with the failure of simply etiquette and manners of the modern age.

Sadly, gone are the days of men opening doors for women (some still do), ladies wearing silk gloves and hats, men removing hats upon entering a home or restaurant etc. Modern generations have forgotten the manners of their elders and moved into an age of disconnection, discontent and disgust. 

I rarely see the chivalry of old anymore. Women's liberation movement pretty much annihilated that in one swift bra busting blow. Even the art of setting a beautiful table has been lost. 

So who is at fault? Parents, grandparents, teachers, ourselves? Each person is responsible for his or her own conduct, so therefore, we are all at fault. We have all let etiquette and manners slide away in lieu of 'texting' at dinner, ball caps in restaurants and talking in movie theatres. 

Oddly enough, the latter was disappointingly discovered last night. Four elderly people who sat behind my colleague and I,  forgot the golden rule about talking during a film. They rudely ruined the movie for several people around them by their constant chatter. Where in time did they lose their manners? Are they a victim of modernization? Or were they simply just inconsiderate people? 

Too many questions without many concrete answers. What is apparent is that today's youth is NOT learning their 'Ps and Qs'. Schools find it difficult to instill manners because it 'infringes' on parental desires. Parents are reluctant to reprimand their kids because of the 'abuse' accusations that can arise. Spanking is taboo now. Heaven forbid, that you 'punish' YOUR own child for being bad. 

The 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' theory had some validity to it. No, I'm not saying it is okay to abuse your child. **Please dispel that thought right away**.  What I am saying is this: When a child misbehaves, it is a Parent's duty and right to discipline that child in a constructive and educational manner.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you misbehave, you pay the price. 

I wish I could say that this is only a modern generational problem but I can't. We have all forgotten about doing random acts of kindness. Smiling and saying hello to passers by. Using please and thank you during conversations. These behaviours should be completed 'ingrained' and part of every one's psyche. 

Who knows, maybe the next generation will find a copy of "Emily Post" and spread the word. (likely via texting)

HAUNTED *excerpt from Inside the Dragon's Heart*


Haunted from the darkness of the eyes

Enchanted with a glistening smile
Enthralled by contours and curves
Obsessed with the untouchable

Lusting for the unattainable
Desiring the pleasure of the flesh
Yearning for a glimmer of hope
A chance to touch a dream

Nights filled with mental imagery
Experiencing that special moment
Two bodies in gratifications
Waking to a cold hard sweat

An illusion that will not fade
A mystery wanting to be unfolded
Longing to feel an emotional connection
A fantasy consuming life

Through messages and pictures
Imagination replaces reality
Visions control every consciousness
Haunted by a what if

A brief encounter could fill the void

Ease the suffering of the heart
Feeding the craving cures the preoccupations
Single embrace releases the ghosts

Forever haunted with the impossible
A remnant of sanity remains in tact
Preventing the total destruction of the mind
Yet still yearning for the affections of another

Sher Boudreau…..2002-08-07 ©

Finding Your Inner Peace

Finding Your Inner Peace

Finding your inner peace can be as difficult as finding a black cat at midnight. For some, the journey to the inner sanctum of calmness can take many paths and take years to achieve. For others, it is as simple as sitting in a room, alone and hearing nothing but your own heart beating. 

"Or, the light within which is free from all suffering and sorrow" Patanjali's Yoga Sutras 1.36 

The Yoga Gurus have the right idea and the right advice. Finding your inner peace is the equivalent to allowing yourself to be free from the pain and anguish of your past. Being able to stand in the mirror and not see the past sorrows but see the future path lain forth.  

Quick tips to help you find your inner peace.

  1. Crystal therapy. Using quartz, hematite, obsidian, amber and jade during the ritual will help find and maintain a calm spirit.
  2. Candle therapy. White candles placed in a circle around you will keep you safe on your journey.
  3. Ambient music. Mother earth and the Goddess have provided some of the most beautiful sounds ever heard. Most bookstores, yoga studios, Pagan shops carry ambient music compilations. Playing these in the background aid in meditation and clarity of vision.
  4. Poppet. A simple poppet of corn husk represents your spirit. Wrap it in white ribbon to keep purity of mind.
  5. Relax. The hardest yet easiest thing in the universe to accomplish. When the body is in a state of relaxation, the mind soon can follow. 
Your inner peace comes from having peace of mind and peace of spirit and peace of body. When all are united into one, anything is possible.