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Wednesday, October 12, 2011




A Nordic method of fortune telling. Used by the Vikings, each rune represents a Deity in the Norse Religion. Often used by Norse mid-wives to predict harvests and success in battles.



Laughter is like the flu. When one person starts laughing, it becomes a happy pathogen that gets contracted by those around you. 


Sher Boudreau / @ravenbran20
October 12 2011

Lunch time doesn't have to be boring or fast dull food anymore thanks to the Cactus Club Cafe.  When walking into the restaurant, be sure to take notice of the art deco and paintings on the walls. Paired up with the black leather and rich red accents, the restaurant is classy all the way around. The Cactus Club has a very well stocked wine list so be sure to try one of the great selections from British Columbia like NK'Mip Cellars. Of course if alcohol isn't your thing, they also have a good selection of non alcoholic beverages. I recommend the Virgin Caesar. It's spicy, tangy and is adorned with boccocini, olive, hot pepper and caramelized onion on a skewer.

Appetizers are always a great way to kick off your dining experience. I recommend the Rob's Goat Cheese and Feta Flatbread. This is bruchetta taken to the max. With peppery arugula, pesto, grape tomatoes, caramelized onions with a balsamic glaze and maldon sea salt; it is sure to be a hit everyone.

Their main courses are as diverse as the citizens of British Columbia. From steaks, to gluten and vegetarian and from chicken to seafood.  For the chicken lovers, I recommend the Blackened Creole Chicken. A beautiful presentation with a butter flied chicken breast topped over seasonal vegetables mashed potatoes and a dollop of spicy Creole butter. Spicy, juicy and filling. For the real adventurers in dining, the BBQ Duck Clubhouse is right up your bungee cord! Luscious duck cooked to perfection is paired with pan seared chicken, prosciutto and toasted pecan fruit bread. Served with your choice of fries, Caesar salad or yam fries, it's a delicacy that screams 'order again.

Once you have finished your incredible meals, and you have managed to save some room for dessert. I suggest going all the way and trying their Key Lime Pie. Not only is it refreshing but the tart and sweet flavours marry into a slice of southern heaven. The wait staff is attentive, friendly and very welcoming. It can be a little loud towards the bar area and they do have 3 TV screens to catch your favourite game while enjoying a drink.

With 12 locations in British Columbia and 2 in Alberta, the Cactus Club is waiting for your visit. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

REGRETS....... 'Through The Eyes of A Veteran'


Thinking back to days long gone by
Feeling the pain
Enduring the guilt
A memory full of irreparable regrets

There is no cure no magic pill
Carried like a burden on heavy loaded ass
The heart with a gaping wound
Blood filled with drops of regret

Tears stream down into a pool of sorrow
As days turn to years
The mind unable to comprehend the anguish
A cerebral gravestone marks the regrets

No turning back no gateway to the past
Contending with the consequences
Actions and words painful reminders
Regret has its own personal agenda

The way out seems simple enough
A swift cut upon the wrists
A bullet fails in accuracy
Death becomes the final regret

Sher sept 20 2009 ©

Sunday, October 09, 2011



Need a new Tarot Card Deck? There are so many to choose from, how do you know what to buy. My advice:

  • choose your own deck. the deck reacts to energy so in order to know if it is the right deck for you, you need to hold it and sense the energy yourself. Tarot cards given as gifts are not always the best conduits (it is done quite often, I just prefer choosing my own)
  • find a theme that you want to work with. If you have angel guardians, you may want a deck that reflects that. My Vampire Tarot reflects who I am as a person
  • use the Internet. If you don't have any Pagan stores nearby or your local bookstore doesn't carry all the selection you want. There are many websites that display Tarot Decks including showing a lot of the minor and major Arcana. 
  • Ask questions. Most respectable psychics and seers will tell you what Deck they choose to use or recommend. 
  • Start with a 'training' deck. Training decks are great to get accustomed to the feel and energy of each card. Practice standard reading patterns and try some of your own. Remember that the keys are Past, Present and Future so make sure that your layout takes these into consideration.
Above all, relax and enjoy the energy you get from choosing a deck or two. I use several decks and cleanse them after each use. 

I do personally endorse Michelle Belanger and Jacqueline Williams' creation 'Watcher Angel Tarot', so be sure to check them out.  



Temptation comes from not knowing what is inside 'Pandora's Box'. Regret is when you find out.


Being Thankful on Thanksgiving

Every October and November Canadians and Americans (respectively) pause to celebrate 'Thanksgiving'. It's a time to rejoice in the fall harvest, connect with family and loved ones and reflect on what you are personally thankful for.  

This is my favourite holiday of the year. While there are other holidays throughout the year that get celebrated in a big way. Thanksgiving is a quieter holiday. It's not about opening presents or cramming your face with chocolate. It's about looking back in history to see where we have come from, where we are going and being ever so thankful for the ability to do so. 

While Thanksgiving has it's 'history' related to the 'Mayflower', Native Canadians/Americans and of course nature's bounty. It has become the most traveled day in the United States out of the all the yearly holidays. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but almost everyone celebrates Thanksgiving.

Even with Chronic Illness, I can still find so many things in my life to be thankful for. The illnesses themselves have taught me a great deal about myself, my fortitude and above all humility. That is something truly to be thankful for.