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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Taboo" is Really Taboo in Abbotsford


February 11, 2012

"Taboo, the Naughty but Nice Show" has been cancelled this year in Abbotsford due to complaints and protests by a handful of small closed minded people. Led by a handful of Right Wing Fundamentalists, they have become a a complete wrecking ball with just a quick swipe of a pen.

In an era, where sexual liberality is the norm (YES, it is the norm) and in a time where the importance of a sex positive culture prevents needless deaths.  The Naughty by Nice Show has had a history of shows across Canada and had their show in Vancouver this past January.

Realizing that Abbotsford is in the heart of the 'Canadian Bible Belt' here in BC, it stands to reason that there would be voices of discontent and concern over the open display of sexuality. 

My problem is the ass backwards thinking behind the protesting. With the economy in Canada as slow moving as it is. The economic gains to the city alone should outweigh the cons of the protesters. The city of Abbotsford will lose a great deal of extra revenue from not hosting the three day show. Hotels will be emptier, restaurants slower and several vendors who make a large portion of their income from doing these types of shows. 

I'm all for protesting and standing up for what you believe in, but geez people it's the 21st century! This is not the dark ages. Men and women are subjected to sexuality in daily life (just from watching television alone). The show is geared to adults so no MINORS are allowed in anyways. Where is the problem. 

If you don't want to see the show don't go. Isn't that the better solution. Humans have this incredible gift called free will and a mind to think with. That should be all that is necessary to facilitate a decision whether to attend an event such as this. There are no displays outside of the facility and there is always security making sure underage kids don't make it inside.

It's time that some heads were pulled out the proverbial ASS and wake up and smell the evolution of man. 

This is obviously a rant and I'm definitely on the side of the show. If it wasn't for shows like this, some people would never learn that being proud of your sexuality is not a bad thing. These shows teach tolerance for different sexual orientations, preferences and educates thousands on the merits of 'safe sex'. (Yes, we can have safe sex now it's a new thing they call a CONDOM) You know the things Right Wing Fundamentalists DON'T want to hand out. 

Final thoughts....Grow up Abbotsford. We all have to some time. Now is yours.



Thanks to a letter, email and phone call campaign to the Organizers, Convention Center and City Council. The Taboo - Naughty but Nice Show was re-instated and was held on May 11, 12, 13. 

There were a handful of protesters in front of the Trade-ex attempting to block entry and show their discontent for visitors. In the end, the show went off brilliantly. Albeit, a terrible weekend to host the show as it was 'Mother's Day' weekend.

Change is possible when we bind together as a community and show our integrity, perseverance and dedication to positive sex culture.

Championship Game PCAHA Juvenile Scholarship Tournament


The game we have all been waiting for is finally here! 

Today starting at 3:00pm at the Sungod Arena in North Delta is the Championship Game of the 30th Annual P.C.A.H.A Juvenile Scholarship Tournament.

Today's game is sure to be an exciting one as it will pit the Senators (coached by Dan Melanson representing Burnaby Winter Club and Derek Chichak representing Seafair Minor Hockey) against the Canucks (coached by Maurice Hamlin and Jim Schuck both representing Richmond Minor Hockey).

The Canucks having lost their last round robin game to the Senators 7-4 Thursday night, have something to prove in today's game. Both teams while chasing the trophy are also in the hunt for the individual player bursaries. 

After the game, the Championship Trophy will be handed out to the winning team as well as first and second place medals. The underlining reason behind the Tournament will be the presentation of three $500 bursaries (One player from the Senators, Canucks and Flames) along with the game MVP's. 

Admission is free and souvenir programs will be available for only a 'Twoonie'. Sungod Arena has a concession as well as a pool if you wanted to make a whole day of it.

Come on out and cheer these amazing young men on! Let's show our support for Minor Hockey!

Global BC | Taboo Naughty But Nice sex show shelved due to Abbotsford opposition

Global BC | Taboo Naughty But Nice sex show shelved due to Abbotsford opposition

Friday, February 10, 2012

COVET...excerpt from 'Thoughts from the Talons'

My hunger never ceases as
I covet your delicious body
Continually gaining in strength
Sampling you like a child with chocolate

My soul purpose to savor
Glistening droplets upon your neck
Lapping at it like a bitch in heat
I feel refreshed

I hear no pleas for mercy
Only the sound of my feeding
Echoing in the stagnant air
While your body slips into ecstasy

My blood stained lips smile
Luring you deeper into the chasm
Submitting to my every word
Captivating you my perfect pet

Sher Boudreau oct 17 2009 ©

Death Penalty to the Canadian Justice System


February 10, 2012

The Canadian Justice System is facing the death penalty if a major overhaul isn't done soon. Overcrowded jails, appointed judges not elected, weak sentences and a general blatant disregard for victims of heinous crimes.

In an area where the gang violence is escalating daily and the burned images of  Vancouver rioters are still on the tongues of many, the judicial system seems to be failing in finding the correct amount of justice for the crime committed.

The antiquated 'Young Offender' laws leave victims and their families scratching their heads wondering where and why the justice system has failed them. Most recently, a 'young offender' was given probation for posting photos on Facebook of a rape that transpired during a rave. 

This by no means gives the victim and her family any justice or peace from the situation. He, the convicted young offender who can't be named (but should), is required to write a letter of apology to the victim and her family. What a crock of sh**.  How is this teaching anything? Where is the justice? Where is the punishment befitting the crime? If the same thing happened to someone who wasn't a 'young offender', they would be tossed in jail and labelled a 'sexual predator'.  The convicted boy deliberately and knowingly posted the photos on a website that would get virtually millions of hits. Yes, the pictures were graciously removed by the Facebook people and rightly so. 

Is it time for Canada to bring back Capital Punishment? Perhaps. It seems that the current level of punishments handed down are not swaying anyone from committing a crime. More focus on the heinous crimes involving children, rape, murder etc., need immediate attention. If you commit murder, you pay for it. Plain, simple, easy. 

While I'm not saying we (as a society) go back to the days of bread and water for prisoners, I do think that they don't deserve the opportunity for post education (especially when law abiding kids can't afford to go). Certainly do away with the 'club med' type prisons. No more movies, Internet, big screen televisions. Being convicted and sentenced to jail shouldn't improve your economic standing. It should impede it at every stance. There are no rights for the convicted. That is the root of all punishments, all rights are revoked. 

The entire Canadian Justice System is in the midst of a complete and utter bleed out if the government doesn't start making sweeping changes. The penalties MUST fit the crime. Judges need to be elected so they can be held accountable for making too lenient of sentences. A murderer or rapist should not walk away with probation, time served etc. The cell doors are opened, shut behind and locked till the end of days. Sound too extreme? Ask a victim's family  if the sentence is too extreme? 

The whole concept of 'double' time served is ridiculous and a slap in the face to any victim. The families of victims don't get double the time they had with the victim from the crime. Why should the criminal get time off their sentence because the judicial system is slow moving? 

Time to write to Parliament and urge changes to the entire Justice System before it's really too late.

Game 3 PCAHA Juvenile Scholarship Tournament


February 10, 2012

Last night at the North Surrey Rec Centre was game 3 of the P.C.A.H.A 30th Annual Juvenile Scholarship Tournament. 

The game matched up the Senators against the Canucks who were both undefeated. The Senators were quick on the draw and had control throughout the entire game. 

Senators player #8 Billy Allen (representing Ridge Meadows Minor hockey) had to leave the game after he was hit against the boards causing a knee injury. (Still unknown as to the extent but hopefully just badly bruised) The Canucks fought back and had tied the game up but the Senators proved just too much for them. 

Canucks caught a break when #7 Benjamin Kirlik (representing Surrey Minor Hockey) was pulled down during a breakaway and was given a penalty shot. Benjamin displayed his speed and accuracy in his shot and scored on goalie #30 Brenden Vogt (representing Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey)

The game was exciting, fast paced and the boys fought with determination and fantastic sportsmanship. At the end it was the Senators winning over the Canucks by the score of 7-4. 

The MVP's for last night's game were as follows:

#17 Bobby Maclean (representing Surrey Minor Hockey playing for the Canucks)
#12 Brody Hemrich (representing Cloverdale Minor Hockey playing for the Senators

The Championship game and the awarding of the three $500 bursaries will take place on Saturday February 11th commencing at 3:00pm at the Sungod Arena in North Delta. The awards and trophy will be presented immediately following the game.  

As always, admission is free and souvenir programs will be available for the great cost of only a 'Twoonie'. Come on out and watch some excellent minor hockey, get a picture with the trophy.  Saturday's game will also be streamed live online via:

NWSB Exclusive: Eddie Lack Twitterview - Goalie Chicago Wolves, Canucks blog, AHL

NWSB Exclusive: Eddie Lack Twitterview - Goalie Chicago Wolves, Canucks blog, AHL

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Game Night for PCAHA Juvenile Scholarship Tournament


February 9, 2012

Tonight is the third and final round robin game for the 30th Annual P.C.A.H.A Juvenile Scholarship Tournament. Hosted tonight by the Surrey Minor Hockey Association, the game will be held at the North Surrey Rec Centre with the puck drop expected for 7:30pm.

The Senators will face the Canucks in what should be one of the most exciting games of the tournament. Souvenir programs will be available for purchase at a great cost of only $2. 

Tonight's game will be a preview of Saturday's Championship game at Sungod Arena in North Delta as both the Senators and the Canucks are undefeated in the round robin and will automatically face each other in the final.

Stay tuned for tonight's game results.

Remainder of Schedule:

  • February 9th  730-1030pm North Surrey Rec Centre Arena # 1 
  • February 11th 300-600pm Sungod Arena North Delta. 

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

An Adventure in Socializing Tweet Up Style


February 8, 2012

What do you get when you combine stunningly beautiful vistas of Vancouver, creative and succulent miniature haute cuisine (aka appetizers) and an 
energetic group of tech savvy individuals? 

Answer: News 1130 Tweet Up at the Lift Bar and Grill in Coal Harbor!

Tonight marked the 2nd 'Annual' Tweet Up for the News 1130 group and also marked their birthday milestone. Sixteen wonderful years of news, traffic, weather and sports to the citizens of the Lower Mainland. 

The night was filled with energetic conversations, constant tweeting (imagine that) and networking. The Lift Bar and Grill is by far one of the most picturesque restaurants in all of Vancouver. Sitting right on the waterfront of the Coal Harbor Marina, nestled alongside the equally beautiful Westin Bayshore Hotel. The night although marred by the slight drizzle outside, was anything but dynamic inside. 

The food ranged from petite brioche with chicken breast to wild mushrooms with blue cheese and balsamic reduction (of course that was my personal highlight fav). Sushi rolls of tuna and salmon, crab balls that were to absolutely die for and the most divine gruyere and ham grilled bites. The sharpness of the cheese paired up perfectly with the glass of 2007 Quail`s Gate Merlot. (My palate is still thanking me profusely)

Sporatic and timely commentaries made by our favorite News 1130 personalities along with some pretty stellar door prizes. Digital radios, gift basket and a $50 gift card among the goodies. But, our hosts didn`t stop there. Everyone in attendance was presented with their own `News 1130 satchel bag` before leaving. Inside the bag were yet more goodies, all designed for the tech guru. 

I`m quite certain the 4GB flashdrive is going to be used quite effectively very soon. 

My personal and biggest thrill came from meeting and having an awe moment speaking with the Bruce Claggett. We discussed novelists, i.e., Stephen King. He even allowed me the great honor of bestowing a few of my own personal anecdotes and thoughts on writing and journalism. The stars were aligned and karma was on my side for a brief moment in time. Speaking with Bruce was like taking art lessons from Picasso himself. I gained a great deal of insight and motivation. Perhaps even a slight inclination to toss my hat into the world of screen writing. 

Overall, I noticed a distinct age differential between my fellow tweeters there tonight and I am proud to say I felt honored to be in the presence of so many amazing people. 

I could not think of a better way for me and my (wonderfully tolerant) husband to have spent our date night. 

If you don`t follow me on twitter, I can be found easily with:  @ravenbran20

Game 2 PCAHA Juvenile Scholarship Tournament


February 8, 2012

Game 2 of the P.C.A.H.A. 30th Annual Juvenile Scholarship Tournament was played at the George Preston Arena in Langley last night. The game featured the 0-1 Flames against the Senators (in their first game). 

Both teams played with determination and pressed the goalies hard. A high scoring game which displayed the strength of the forwards at the same time as showing the resolve of the defence and goalies. The Flames coached by Doug Shantz (Coquitlam Minor Hockey) and Jordon Badari (Surrey Minor Hockey) never gave up the fight even after trailing 3-0.  A few quick goals saw the game tied up going into the third period. The goals were scored fast and furious in the third and great plays were being made on both sides. A penalty shot was rewarded to Senators player #8 Billy Allen after he was taken down during a breakaway. Billy fired his shot but goalie #30 Trevor Scheffel stood tall in the net and kept Billy from scoring. 

In the end it was the Senators who won 9-4. The Senators who are coached by Derek Chichak (Seafair Minor Hockey) and Dan Melanson (Burnaby Winter Club) will face the Canucks tomorrow night at the North Surrey Rec Centre. Puck drops at 730pm.  Admission is free and programs are available for $2

The MVP's for last nights game are as follows:

#12 Jesse Parks representing Richmond Minor Hockey (playing for the Flames)
#19 Chris Liscombe representing Cloverdale Minor Hockey(playing for the Senators)
The Remaining games for the Tournament are as follows 

  •  Thursday February 9th 730pm North Surrey Rec Centre Arena #1
  •  Saturday February 11th 300pm Sungod Arena North Delta 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

City and Slope - Vancouver's Newest Festival | Feb 9-12 | 604 Pulse

City and Slope - Vancouver's Newest Festival | Feb 9-12 | 604 Pulse

Game 1 PCAHA Juvenile Scholarship Tournament


February 7, 2012

Game 1 of the 30th Annual P.C.A.H.A Juvenile Scholarship Tournament was played last night at the main arena in Coquitlam.  The best of the Juvenile players have been divided into three teams and a player from each team will win one of three five hundred dollar bursaries.

Last night's game was between the Canucks coached by (Jim Schuck and Maurice Hamlin  from Richmond Minor Hockey) and the Flames coached by (Doug Shantz of Coquitlam Minor Hockey and Jordon Badari of Surrey Minor Hockey).

The Canucks gained the momentum and quickly put up 3 goals in the first few minutes of the first period.  The Flames got on the board just before the end of the first and went into the second before trailing the Canucks 4-1. 

The second and third periods saw terrific action, fantastic shots by both teams and an outstanding collective shot total of 86 between the two teams. The Canucks maintained their lead and won 11-6. 

Each night, a player from each team is selected by a panel and voted MVP for the game. The players are awarded a medal and their points begin to accrue through the remainder of the Tournament. Last night's game MVP's were as follows:

#14 Kyle Baxter representing North Delta Minor Hockey (playing for Canucks)
#7 Trevor Yu representing Vancouver Minor Hockey (playing for the Flames)

Tonight's game is at the George Preston Arena in Langley and the puck drops at 8:15. 

Come out and watch some great hockey and cheer these fantastic boys on!

The remainder of the schedule for the Tournament is as follows:

  • Tues Feb 7  8:15-11:30 George Preston Arena (Senators vs Flames)
  • Thurs Feb 9 7:30-10:30 North Surrey Rec Centre #1 (Canucks vs Senators)
  • Sat Feb 11  3:00-6:00  Sungod Arena (Championship Game)

Monday, February 06, 2012

Take That, Fibromyalgia!

Take That, Fibromyalgia!

Mobile app helps users locate health services in B.C. | BC Newsroom

Mobile app helps users locate health services in B.C. | BC Newsroom

Juvenile Scholarship Tournament


Tonight kicks off the 30th Annual P.C.A.H.A Juvenile Minor Hockey Scholarship Tournament in Coquitlam.

Game time is 8pm in the main arena and will see the Flames face off against Canucks.

 A player from each team at the end of the game will be selected as MVP's. A selection committee at each game selects their top three players. Points are accumulated and tabulated to present the top player from each of the three teams a $500 bursary. 

Admission is free and there will be commemorative programs available for purchase at a cost of $2. So come on out and enjoy some great hockey while supporting Minor Hockey in your community.

For more details, visit the P.C.A.H.A. website or feel free to contact the Tournament Coordinator Sher Boudreau via this post. 

SuperBowl Sunday Highlights


February 6, 2012

Sunday's Superbowl was an incredible display of determination, endurance and sportsmanship.  Going right to wire, the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21-17 in what is sure to be noted as one of the most exciting games in NFL history.

Eli Manning, the Quarterback for the Giants was the game MVP and drove away in a brand new Corvette. Perhaps even driving it to Walt Disney World! Tom Brady, Quarterback for the Patriots saw his dreams of winning slip through the fingers of his receivers on the waning plays of the game.  

The half-time show was in a word: Epic! Madonna came out with her dancers decked in Roman Centurion costuming and set the atmosphere right away with an incredibly energized version of her hit 'Vogue'. The special effects were outstanding and Madonna looked like a 20 year old strutting her stuff on the stage. Even with a small slip, Madonna's act was flawless. I wasn't expecting such a showing by the Queen of Pop, but she pulled it off in what looked seamless. 

By far, the best half-time show in recent history. Certainly what I would consider the best out of the last decade. Madonna surprised the audience with the appearances of L.M.F.A.O, Nicki Minaj and CeLo during her set. Their contributions, electrified the audience and kicked up the level of entertainment ten-fold. Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' rendition complete with choir was awe inspiring. The lighting on stage and in the crowd was as if all the stars in the sky stopped in their tracks just to shine down on the show.

All-in-all, this year's Superbowl goes down in the history books as being an 'Underdog's victory' with a stellar half-time show. 

Maybe next year it will be Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks with 3 Doors Down for the half-time show. (A girl can dream can't she)

Young Head Case

Young Head Case

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Golfing Our Pensions Away


February 5, 2012

In a time of fiscal restraints, downsized economy, staggering unemployment and tightening of belt straps. A group of lobbyists are working diligently to allow MP's to take a 50% tax deduction off of their golfing green fees.

Yes, you read that correctly. While tax payers are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables, a group of MP's want to play golf on YOUR dime and take a tax break for it. 

Where in that statement is there any type of fiscal logic? A 50% tax deduction is 50% less that the government is taking in to pay down the ever growing deficit and debt load. 

I apologize to all the golfers out there but this is just insanity, plain and simple. Out of one side of the government's mouth they are feverishly attempting to bump up the age of eligibility for Canada Pension and out of the other they are saying that major decisions and discussions on the links should be tax deductible.

I should point out that the MP's already receive an expense reimbursement for food and beverages that are consumed at the golf course and what they are looking for is a 50% tax deduction for their green fees. Memberships to golf courses are NOT being included in this request. 

In my ever humble opinion, I believe that more emphasis should be placed on finding money to bump up health care, education and employment in the country rather than saving $100 on a round of golf. 

I'm sorry Members of Parliament but this one is just pushing it too far. To Prime Minister Stephen Harper, I beg you to look at all the homeless and those in need of better health care and tell them 'they can't get any help because we had to give all the golfers a break instead'. 

All else fails, elections work wonders!