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Friday, November 04, 2011



Getting your flu shot and your pneumonia shot on the same day on a very nauseated stomach is NOT a good idea.

Flu shot every year, pneumonia shot every 5 years. Getting them together at once...NEVER

Joys of Perimenopause

Sure, I love being a woman. I mean who wouldn't want to be a woman? We are the gentler species, the nurturers, the weaker sex. Ha, that is until your body decides to revolt against you. Night sweats, mood swings, unwanted hair growth or loss, weight gain, memory issues. Gees, it all sounds so wonderful doesn't it? 

I have been having mild menopause symptoms since my tubal ligation when I was 29 but it has just been lately that the symptoms have become severe and problematic.  The night sweats are easy to contend with for the most part but hot flashes are vile. They bring on yet more nausea and occasionally vomit. My entire body feels like I'm a volcano exploding into the coldness of space. I've always had a photographic memory and now forgetting the simplest of things is becoming scary and worrisome. No one should forget their next sentence mid-conversation, but somehow it happens quite often. 

The worst by far is the mood swings. Spontaneous crying, fits of rage that would scare even The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  The dumbest part of it all, is the lack of reasoning behind the rage or the tears. Commericals, movies, simple conversations with friends and family. I find that I'm much more anxious and paranoid then ever. I feel like I'm ready for a pretty white padded room some days. 

Menopause wasn't something ever discussed in my house growing up. Sure I've seen a lot of women go through it but there was never any consistency in the symptoms or reactions. It is certainly not something you can use one brush to paint the picture with. Too many factors that vary from woman to woman make it near impossible to get or give good advice. What works for some, may not work for others. HRT (hormone replacement therapy) isn't an option for me because of an earlier breast cancer scare. So now my quest is on to find something that will help the symptoms but not add to my already lengthy medication list. 

As if having chronic illness isn't bad enough. Now Mother Nature sees it fit to mess with my internal clock. My clock isn't ticking anymore, it's pounding trying to escape.

The journey into old ages continues........


Maple Ridge has something new to 'wine' about. 

Swirl VQA stores has opened a new location for wine enthusiasts with over 650 different wines from British Columbia. Located at 22286 Dewdney Trunk Road, it's centrally located in the downtown core and minutes away from the Golden Ears Bridge.

When you walk into the bright and airy store, the first thing you'll notice is the well stocked shelves. Broken into types of wines rather than company, the consumer has the ability to compare bottle to bottle easier and even find something other than what they originally planned.

Of course, one of the best parts of visiting Swirl, is the wine tasting. A selection of 2 whites and 2 reds will certainly either make your choice simpler or more complicated. The wine tastings are free so be sure to give one a try.

Too many wines to choose from? How about joining their Wine Club and letting Swirl put together a collection of reds, whites or a combination of both. You place the order, they do the work and you pick it up packaged and ready to enjoy. (prices vary depending on club level)

No wine store would be complete without accessories and Swirl has a great selection to choose from. Crackers, chocolates, wine glasses and decanters are just a few of the items they have. With the holiday season quickly approaching, have Swirl prepare a gift basket up that will be guaranteed to please any friends, family or co-worker.

Open 7 days a week, you can visit one of their three locations: Maple Ridge, White Rock or Yaletown.

Everything goes better when paired with a BC Wine.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011



It may seem like a trivial matter and something you can choose to ignore, walk away and totally forget about. Getting a 'poppy' from a Veteran and giving a donation for it is a huge deal. Not only does it show support for past and current military personnel but it shows your patriotism for your country and appreciation for the freedom given. The monies raised between now and November 11 Veteran's Day (US) Remembrance Day (CAN, UK) go to help Veteran's readjust to life as a civilian. Go to help in housing, food, health care etc. 

Veteran's and current Soldiers don't get the attention they so richly deserve unless it's a national holiday or during the annual Poppy Drive. That is unacceptable in my eyes. We as Canadians (or citizens of your home country), have a duty to honor our Military every day and not just when it is convenient.

Never forget that freedom has a price and it's been 'Written in Blood'

A New Soldier..excerpt from "Written in Blood"

A New Soldier’s Life

Fresh faced and innocent signing up to fight
Weeks of basic training enduring on the mind
Rugged and tough eyes opened to new realities
Still unaware of the life to come

Deployed to a war zone engulfed in courageous fear
Prepared to stand post until properly relieved
Letters from home sparse but give hope
News and goodies welcomed sight to behold

Days turn into months, endless sleepless nights
Drills and exercises become second nature
Movie and popcorn a thrill on a Saturday night
A slight moment of relaxation within the bounds of war

Battle lines drawn memories embedded
Tour of duty concludes with bittersweet goodbyes
Plane ride home engulfs joyful anticipation
Family awaits their heroic soldiers return

A new soldiers life filled with challenge and awe
Regaining some semblance of normality
Daily routines begin to take hold
Always ready to protect our freedom

Tuesday, November 01, 2011



Today being 1-11-11 seems like a starting point to begin again. To wipe the slate clean, make new goals and close doors to no where. We are entering a month full of reflection, remorse, remembrance and rhetoric (last one unfortunate due to elections). I encourage everyone to take a moment between now and 11-11-11 to pick one project that would benefit the community you are in and do it. Food bank donation, volunteer somewhere, hold the door for someone. Be a glimmer of hope, a shining star or a just a shoulder. 

On 11-11-11 make a point to Thank a Solider, Hug a Vet and remember that Freedom has a Price and it's been WRITTEN IN BLOOD 



Start the New Year on the right foot, by laying a plate out with offerings to your ancestors who has passed before you. Light a candle and thank them for making you who you are today and reflect on sacrifices made and cherish moments that would go unmarked.

Fiesta de la muerto We honor you our ancestors in all you have done and passed down. We thank you for starting our path and encouraging our journey. May the stars that engulf you shine brilliantly onto the new generations to follow. So Mote it Be

Gaia Iah 


While I totally appreciate and am thrilled that the medical world has had such marvelous breakthroughs via testing equipment. I am however, annoyed at the person who thought creating a cylinder to engulf a human into with loud noises, spins and a rigid stay in place zone thinking it would be a 'great relaxing test'. I call bullshit!!!

2 Ativans, encouragement from the husband and sheer fear led me to the Imaging room at RCH (Royal Columbian Hospital). The ear plugs stuffed into my ears like she was stuffing a turkey. The warm cozy blanket was a comfort and the towel over the eyes was meant to keep me calm. HA! Not so much! Panic + hot flash = get me out now. We had to stop the testing for a few minutes in order for me to contend with the panic attack/hot flash. She was totally understanding, removed the hot blanket and then shoved me back into the 'easy bake oven', until I was sufficiently filled Gamma Radiation. 

Too bad, I wonder if I had stayed in longer if I would've come out a super hero. I can see it all now, a comic book, movie deal and even the spandex costume. "Rise of the RavenBran". She can scream bloody murder while jumping over tall buildings. She'll cry for days after chasing cats into tight small places. Her super power is her Super Panic Attack. The shrills alone will disarm any bandits she encounters from laughter. 

All seriousness aside, the MRI went as well as it could and now a wonderful 7-10 days worth of waiting for results. 

Insert massive panic now.


After waiting for years and years (started Sept 2007), I'm FINALLY having a lumbar spine MRI. When I was in my early 20's I had a Spinal Tap to check for menighetis and it is now the location that is literally the pain of my existence. 

It's the one missing piece to the medical puzzle that I'm certain the Canadian Govt has been waiting for in order to vote in my favor for Canada Pension Disability. I haven't been able to work since the above dated and my health has continued to degrade to the point it is today.

The chronic pain syndrome, the fibromyalgia, the meniere's disease, the osteoarthritis, chronic manic depression and of course let's not forget the IBS and an undiagnosed stomach issue (down almost 40 lbs since August due to stomach issues) just didn't seem to be enough for them to make a judgement on. 

Of course the worst part of the MRI is the MRI itself. Since I'm so claustrophobic, the only way to get me anywhere near that damn machine is by making me completely and utterly medically stoned :)

So off we go to Royal Columbian Hospital and the trusted radiologist (have to say that for my own mental state lol) and in the loving and safe arms of my husband. He is so my rock and my biggest support mentally, physically and emotionally. He is my hero no matter what he thinks. I likely would've taken my own life by now if it wasn't for him. He keeps reminding me that just because I have chronic illnesses, constant pain and anguish, that I still have his love, the love of our family and friends and that sun always shines. (even if it looks like water droplets lol )

Wish me luck, my blogger buddies.