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Friday, June 21, 2013

Balance....excerpt from "Thoughts from the Talons" (c) 2004


Night and day unite as one
Sun and moon dance in harmony
An equal balance of earth and air
The solstice brings forth unity

Songs and dance honor the goddess
Prayers for wisdom strength and prosperity
Tribal drums wake the corners
Spirits to guide the path ahead

Symbiotic energies merge in the twilight
Dynamic forces enhance the heavens
Of earth air water and fire
The elements in perfect balance

Longest day into longest night
The stars and seas align
Displaying the beauty and majesty
Of the balance between god and goddess

Sher B......06-03-2004 (c)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Simple Goodbye....excerpt from "Blood Stained Talons" (c)

A Simple Goodbye

In the stillness of night

Tears flow like a tidal wave
From memories of a life gone by

Glancing over a marble stone
Reading the words over and over
Staring down at the wilted flowers

A simple goodbye not enough
Writhing hands and shaking flesh
Wishing fate had not wielded its hand

A portion of life ceases
Acceptance of past events and the road ahead
Not an ending but a new beginning
A transformation into a new entity
Angel eyes gazing down from above

Pain eases to a remindful hurt
Days slip into weeks into years
Marking anniversaries with tears and flowers
Passing on to next generations
A history of a life taken too quickly

A simple goodbye was not enough
Gone but never forgotten
Always in the heart forever in the soul
Missing you today tomorrow and forever

Sher B….2010-06-02 ©

VICTIMIZED SOUL...excerpt from new book "Blood Stained Talons"

Victimized Soul

Childhood thoughts begin to surface
Wrinkles reveal an aged soul
Tried and tempted through the years
Weathered by all life’s experiences

Memories escape of days gone by
Barely remembering a given name
A friendly face soon forgotten
Crippled by a malicious disease

What was once a vital life
Now a shell of its former self
Feeble minded but body strong
A family’s anguish is great

The simplest of tasks now difficult
Unable to survive in the world
Sheltered within sanitary walls
Protected from harm and pain

Altziemers does not discriminate
Damages all it touches
Leaving a plethora of victims in its wake
Tears the only solace

Soon death will come
Easing the pain of existence
The victimized soul rests
Family finally at peace

Sher B…..20-06-2013 (c)

Ps. I love you Baba - Annie Fedikow Nov 19 1921 - June 18 2013 

This is dedicated to all the families touched by the horrors and  trauma of this wretched disease. May you find peace and hope.