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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sometimes when you think everything is going wrong, a glimmer of light shines upon your face to reveal a boost of faith. I have been very fortunate as of late to win tickets to football games, movies, dvds, festival tickets and I'm thrilled.

I guess my timing is quite good when entering contests. Now, if I can figure out how to win the lottery, I'd be all set :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wine Tasting


Wine tasting

Warmth of an Indian summer’s day
Heightened the sweet aroma of a ripe harvest

Delicate grapes being pressed

A nectar worthy of the gods

Hand in hand walking the endless trail of vines

Smiling in the subtle romantic overtones

Coy hints to a desired kiss
The wine awakens the sleeping passions

Bottled with care and aged experience 
Each label seeking the coveted taste

Shared between lovers

Discovering the full bodied affects

A plate of cheese to enhance the palate
Each sip intensifies a growing hunger

The richness of the wine matches her ruby lips

To sample both is a day of satisfaction

The long drive home becomes more playful
Sheltered behind a one way glass

Senses of pleasure increase with touch

Lingering taste of wine shared by both

A carnal exploration of mind and spirit
Accompanied by the robust flavor of wines

The day started out as an adventure

And ends with thirst quenching partnership

2002-11-04 ©

Monday, August 29, 2011


Pirate for a Day
Sher Boudreau

Once a year every grown up in British Columbia gets a chance to be a Pirate and help ailing children at the same time. White Spot is hosting their annual Pirate Pak Day White Spot With every Pirate Pak purchased $2 gets donated to Rajac Ranch which helps sick kids right here in BC.

This is the only time of the year when grown ups get to indulge their childhood and relive the fun of eating a 'Legendary' burger and fries out of a Pirate Ship  Piratepak @White_Spot mmmmmmmm on Twitpic  

The best way to cap off your Pirate Pak lunch or dinner is a personal sized blueberry pie. Of course, your Pirate Pak does come with a drink and strawberry/chocolate or vanilla ice cream. But, it's blueberry season in the best province in Canada. Time to indulge and enjoy a fresh dessert. I know I did.  Blueberry pie @White_Spot mmmmmmmm great with the #PiratePak on Twitpic.

Feel like a child while helping out another child. What a great way to spend the day!

BC Lions Game Review

Flags and Fumbles and Frustration Oh My

Flags and fumbles foil the feet of the hungry BC Lions, as they take a dismal loss of 30-17 to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  The game started with a strong showing by the Lions to take an early 7-0 lead. The touchdown from Travis Lulay to Tim Brown gave the equally hungry fans with their first and really only happy moment of the soon to be doomed game.

The BC Lions struggled with a weak defence and even weaker offence on the field. Matched against the 1 defence in the #CFL, the Lions turned over the ball 7 times giving the Blue Bombers the command of the game.

Travis Lulay hit the sidelines while watching backup QB Jarious Jackson take the lead in the late part of the 3rd quarter. Once again, while the crowd was somewhat energized by Jackson's appearance on the field, the costly penalties continued.  By the middle of the 4th quarter the fans were in mass exodus mode. There was a clear disgust within the stands and only the diehard fans remained. (Unless you include all the very happy Blue Bomber fans).

It seemed almost fitting that the skies were dark and dreary compared to the previous home game where the Lions took command of the game and enjoyed their first and only win of the season thus far.

The final home game at Empire Field is slated for Saturday September 10th with a 1pm kickoff against the Toronto Argonauts. This will mark the end of the BC Lions at Empire Field as they will return home to their new lair at the renovated BC PLACE.

Roast Bistro Restaurant Review

Situated in the heart of downtown Maple Ridge is The Roast Bistro A quaint little restaurant where the menu is as big as the appetites that visit.

We were seated in the dining area close to the large bay windows that grace the front of the restaurant. Greeted by a friendly faced waitress, our order was taken promptly and accurately. We started with a potato skin appetizer that were filled with tomatos, green onions, bacon and cheese. Brek enjoyed an amazing looking steak sandwich while I had to try the 'toted as best burger in town' Bistro Burger.

Lunch came out hot, fresh and looking incredible. The steak was done to a perfect medium rare while my burger was a medium well. (still pink inside so make sure to ask for well done if you don't want any pink)

Dean came over to check on how we were doing and we advised him that it was our first visit to his establishment. He laughed when I mentioned I had seen them advertised on 'Twitter' and wanted to see for myself if their burgers are the best in town. I am thrilled to say, I cannot dispute the claims! The burger was amazing!

Of course no burger is complete without a side of fries and for me it was a side of poutine. Fresh cheese curds, delicious gravy and homemade fresh fries made it absolutely Epic!

Barely made it through our lunch as the portions were substantial. I highly recommend stopping into the Roast Bistro for lunch or dinner the next time you are in Maple Ridge or live here. You won't be disappointed. We weren't.