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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh Sweet Victim..excerpt from "Blood Stained Talons" (c) 2012


Oh sweet victim of mine,
 Come closer child and let me feed on thee.
For I am the seeker of the night,
The desolated ironclad heart.
I am the wanderer of the moon and I am eternal.

Tiny satiny red droplets of life-force
I suckle thee voraciously.
Slipping deeper into the chasm that is your fate.
No voice to call out
In the loud silence of night

I see the fear deep within your soul
It calls to me like a siren to the sea.
Heartless and emotionless I finish my feast
Your flesh my nourishment my joy.

I quench my bloodlust as your breath ceases.
Your body putrid and decaying.
No more will I dine on thee.
Oh sweet victim of mine.

Sher Boudreau...Sept 19, 2012 (c)

Part 2 Halloween 2012

Our ongoing series for Halloween 2012 continues with a few more movie selections for your grisly viewing.

     Creepshow circa 1982. From the demented minds of Stephen King and George A. Romero. It is brilliantly mastered with the perfect balance of blood, guts, gore and fright. Based on the graphic novel by Stephen King, it contains mini vingettes that distort the mind, play with the senses and scare the 'dickens' out of willing viewers. Don't let the humor fool you, this movie is all about the fear factor. 

    Village of the Damned circa 1960.  In the sleepy village of Midwich, a baby boom of a blond brood proves to be too much for their unsuspecting parents. Their mind-reading skills along with some paranormal deaths will send the viewer's mind reeling and clutching a pillow for dear life. Starring George Sanders, Barbara Shelley and a young Richard Warner. 

    The Island of Dr Moreau circa 1977.  A beautifully tranquil and remote island shelters the corrupted mind of Dr Moreau (Burt Lancaster). An unsuspecting Andrew Braddock (played superbly by Michael York) falls prey to the island's many inhabitants. Mutations created by the vile Dr in this incredible adaptation of the H.G. Wells classic.

    Dreamscape circa 1984. In your dreams you are a superstar, a professional athlete, a god, but what if you could control your dreams and the dreams of others? In this gripping thriller by Joseph Ruben, stars a young Dennis Quaid who has acquired the ability to manipulate his dreams and the dreams of others. Pitted against the equally talented but evil mind of David Patrick Kelly. This movie is a non-stop rollercoaster of thrills and chills. Don't go to sleep....

    The City of the Dead circa 1960. A young woman finds her research into witchcraft leads her to the quaint town of Whitewood and the cozy 'Ravens Inn'. Nan Barlow is exquisite against the darkness that is the Master of horror Christopher Lee. Things take a sharp turn into the clutches of the devil himself as the poor girl is 'marked' for sacrifice. Deep plot, outstanding writing and gruesome special effects make this a keeper for any Halloween Collection!

    As the droplets of blood fall onto the pristine white floor, so to does this continue onward......


    The Artful Halloween: 31 Frightfully Elegant Projects. A must have book for any ghoul's collection.