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Wednesday, April 23, 2014



This year's Fan Expo Vancouver was held from April 18th - 20th at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  In a display of supreme 'geekdom', thousands came to show off. From costumes to hard core Cosplayers to the curious. There was something for everyone. 

Having a private conversation with Robert Englund

This year, the stars were out in full force from every genre.  Comics, Film, Television, Magazines, Graphic Arts and of course Gaming. 

For the die-hard fans like myself, the Q&A sessions were one of the main reasons to attend. Listening to your favorite star answer crowd questions and relay life stories make them more human and less 'Hollywood'.  I had the honor and privilege of listening to Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings), Manu Bennett (Spartacus, Arrow), Robert Englund (V, Nightmare on Elm Street) and the incomparable Soska Twins - Jen and Sylvia (American Mary).  Although, I had expectations of seeing Stephen Amell (Arrow), Eliza Dushku (Buffy, Angel), the line ups were huge and ultimately full capacity. 
Jen, Me and Sylvia Soska

The highlights for me personally, were meeting and talking at great length with Robert Englund and the beautiful Eliza Dushku. That woman is a class act from top to bottom. Warm, funny and electric, her very essence lit up the room.  Robert was the biggest thrill of all. His movies are responsible for me being the horror freak that I am. While reading authors like Poe, King, Barker assisted, watching Freddy on film was the catalyst to my passion and love for this genre. 

dueling Ursulas (I'm on the left)
Of course, Fan Expo wouldn't be complete without autograph sessions, and photo ops!. Both of which I am happy to say I indulged in quite effectively and expensively at that. While the cost for photos and autographs became quite staggering, the emotional connection and memories created are priceless at least for me.

Love and first kiss!

One of the most interesting moments for me was seeing another Ursula Cosplayer. We ran into each other a few times and dueled using our voices. Not only was it exciting and fun but it truly challenged me as a Cosplayer.  I found that I was really able to jump into character much deeper after being confronted with another Ursula. Sure, her costume was store bought and she wore a wig (my costume I made and it was my own hair). Sure she belted out the Broadway version and I was Disney but at the end, it was magical for everyone who caught a glimpse. Especially the kids. 

I was interviewed by a few media and found my thought process towards Cosplay deepened with each interview. Profound thoughts roamed my mind as I was asked 'Why I do it?'. I suppose for me, Cosplay is an outlet that inspires my inner child. It enhances my dreams and fantasies and gives me a certain amount of higher personal confidence. While in costume, I am that person. For that time frame, I'm not me - Sher the person who is constantly in pain and depressed. At that time, I'm Ursula -Queen of the Seas, ruler of the water and taker of poor unfortunate souls :D The self-confidence, the smile on a child's face when they see you is so rewarding. Yeah, I will admit that I am a slight attention whore (okay moderate to high lol), and have dreams of being in film and television. That can't be different than others can it? 

Selfie time with Jen and Sylvia Soska
This year, Brek and I went to the Fan Expo After Party held at the Renaissance Harborside Hotel at Vista 360. The most interesting bar in the city that night. Not only does the entire facility rotate 360 degrees to show you the most breathtaking views of Vancouver, but the stars were out and mingling with their fans. Meeting Eliza Dushku and having a true heart-to-heart was incredible. 

I had the extreme honor of meeting Giancarlo Esposito as well. There were other stars there like Michael Rosenbaum, Ray Park, Bruce Boxleitner all of which obliged their fan with photo ops (for free) and gave us some of the best memories of the weekend. Personally, being asked by Eliza to reprise my Ursula for Sunday was like being given a star role on a tv show for me. 

I did get to meet Karl Urban (Priest, Star Trek), Lauren Cohen (Walking Dead) who incidentally is exquisitely beautiful and even had a quick chat with Charisma Carpenter over my Ursula costume. (that was cool)

Me and Eliza Dushku 
Now for the downside of the weekend. The lack of adequate and varied food vendors was problematic. For me, being gluten free made it even more challenging to actually stay fed during the weekend. Luckily for us, the Cactus Club was across the way and they were awesome in their service and food. I highly recommend that location! The high cost of food was also problematic. I will certainly state that being a Cosplayer is an expensive hobby all the way around. Having only 3 vendors (one of which was selling lemonade and mini donuts only) was poor planning on the part of the organizers and made it very difficult for some. The high cost of a hot dog, soda, even a bottle of water was a little over the top in my eyes. People are already forking out a tonne of money to get, their costumes (if applicable), memorabilia (which was highly prized and highly priced). 
Me and bff Shannon Cawthra 

Then the line ups for stars. For not only autographs (Bruce Campbell was insane), the structure for the queues for Q&A's were improperly managed. People who had 'Premium or Vip' passes were not able to stay in the auditoriums in between sessions and had to line up with the regular guests at the back of the line which ended up being an issue when it was a quick turn around between stars. We had to miss a few because the line ups were so huge. Great for the stars-sucked for the rest of us. Hours were spent waiting in lines for food, autographs, photos and the panels. Imagine if that was streamlined somehow, how much more efficient it would be.

Overall, the whole weekend was outstanding. The Marriott Pinnacle Downtown was a fantastic facility. The service was good, the hotel room was excellent (with the exception of the really small bathroom) and the location was perfect. 

Now to figure out the costumes for next year........
Thor Diakom, me, Brek Stewart 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

NORTH DELTA takes 1st place

North Delta steamrolled Langley by a score of 5-1 in fantastic fashion.  Langley struggled the entire game with useless penalties and endless trips to the penalty box.

North Delta monopolized on their many power plays while Langley couldn't manage to find the net but once. 



In what can only be described as a shocker, Surrey and Juan De Fuca tie 3-3 in this morning's first game of the day. Penalties piled up and both teams are now 0 wins 2 losses 1 tie.
The 2pm game pitches the still undefeated and energetic North Delta boys against the strong showing team of Langley. A win for North Delta would put them in the final.

Langley needs the win to keep them in the running for Sunday's final.

The 5pm game will see Juan De Fuca against struggling Coquitlam. The 8pm feature game will see hometown Richmond fighting to stay in the run for the final against the 0-2-1 team from Surrey.

Stay tuned

Ridge Meadows Dish


Last night saw action, exciting goals, heavy hitting and a shocking loss to the undefeated thus far Langley by host team Richmond by a score of 6-0.

Lots of tempers were flaring and high expectations by all team's. 


LANGLEY 2 wins 1 loss
RICHMOND 2 wins 1 loss
NORTH DELTA 3 wins 0 losses
COQUITLAM 1 win 2 losses
SURREY 0 wins 2 losses
JUAN DE FUCA 0 wins 2 losses



Friday, March 21, 2014

Surrey vs Langley

This morning's matchup between Langley and Surrey was exciting, hard hitting and another final score of 4-2.

LANGLEY 2 wins 0 losses
SURREY 1 win 1 loss

Ridge Meadows Dish - hockey edition

Enjoying the fast paced games at today's installment of the BC HOCKEY JUVENILE PROVINCIALS.

We have seen North Delta beat Juan De Fuca 4-2 and watching the very aggressive Langley vs SURREY  play in the round robin. With the score 2-0 LANGLEY after 2 periods

  With 2 more games left today. Round robin play continues Saturday and Sunday morning culminating with the final championship game Sunday night at 8pm.

Stay tuned for more results. 


The BC HOCKEY JUVENILE PROVINCIALS are under way at the Minoru Ice Center with the first few games at the RICHMOND Ice Centre yesterday.

Teams are from Juan De Fuca, Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, North Delta and host team Richmond.

Thus far the standings are:

RICHMOND 1 win 1 loss
NORTH DELTA 2 wins 0 losses
LANGLEY 1 win O losses
COQUITLAM 1 win 1 loss
SURREY 0 wins 1 loss
JUAN DE FUCA 0 wins 2 losses

Stay tuned for more updates

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



In a small shopping plaza located on the 'Guide' in Lynden, Washington is the little Cantina known as El Ranchito.

You are greeted with smile and 'Hola mi amigos'. Once seated and menus handed out, a basket of warm crispy fresh tortilla chips are delivered along with salsa and fresh pico de gallo. The restaurant is brightly coloured with artwork, tapestries, sombreros and traditional Latin music plays in the background.

The portion sizes are fantastic. The Arroz Con Pollo was a steal at $13.99. Succulent chicken with rice, fresh avocado, tomatoes and sauteed onions and peppers. The mildly spiced dinner is great for first time Latino diners. If you love spice and beef, the Steak a la Chicana is for you. Strips of spicy beef along with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and green peppers. Served with rice, re-fried beans, and warm tortilla shells. This bad boy is solid winner at $13.99
Arroz Con Pollo

Try one of their Latin beers or a signature Margarita. (even virgin versions are available).

If you still have room, a deep fried tortilla is served warm with a healthy dash of ice cream with whipped cream and strawberry coulee finishes off the meal perfectly.

Steak a la Chicana

Cervesa por va for!

fresh tortilla chips for nibbling

El Ranchito is open 7 days a week and offers take out and catering.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sinister Title...excerpt from "Thoughts from the Talons"

Sinister title

A cry in the near distance
Blood-curdling fear envelops the night
The air filled with the aroma of death
Prey fall victim to the master of undead

Transforming from beast to man
Piercing ebony eyes invoke mystic thoughts
Coaxing and luring into eternal life
Drifting through endless time and space

The long clutches of death ease
Twilight befriends the wicked
Farewells to sun and daylight
The moon protects its kin

Leagues of ‘nosferatu’ roam the earth
Hiding in mists and shadows
For most just a nightmare or movie
For some the sinister title of vampyre

Sher Boudreau 06-18-2004 (c)