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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Finding a compassionate shoulder

One of the hardest things about having #ChronicPain illnesses is the lack of comradeship and socializations because of the constant pain and zero desire to get out and talk to people. It's an exile not really wanted but thrown upon without permission or acknowledgement. It's so hard to want to be happy and friendly when you are wondering how long it will be before tears emerge from your eyes because the pain is unbearable.

The internet has presented so many solutions to being an almost 'shut in'. From social media sites to blogs (like mine) to networking, the internet connects us all in a global support group. Through social media, I have been able to connect with several people who suffer from the same illness or similar illnesses as I do and it has been almost a miracle (if you believe in such).

While I do get out on occasion (pain is usually about a 7), it is fantastic to meet someone in my circle that is out on a rare occasion as well.

It is important to remember that even though we can be housed up for days at a time because of the pain, our need for social interaction doesn't fade. We are social by nature and we need the input from others to aid us in our daily path called life.  My husband has recently reminded me that I am far too outgoing to not want to be around others. I guess the mundane day-after-day rituals need a good break once in awhile.

I got out. I saw the world. I interacted with people. Now I'm good till Christmas. Right??????

to be continued:)



Letting your inner child out on occasion can be as rewarding as opening that first present Christmas morning. 


Sher Boudreau
@ravenbran20 (twitter)

October 8, 2011

Visiting the neighbourhood pub is a tradition for many BC residents. Pitt Meadow's neighbourhood pub The Jolly Coachman, offers up the normal pub wares and some amazing home-style food that makes the mouth water just from the aromas.  After enjoying $.25 wings on a Saturday afternoon or a leisurely meal during the week, be sure to try their Brownie Obsession Dessert.

Arriving in a margarita glass, right off the top is whipped cream and slivered almonds. When the spoon digs in it will discover the fabulous vanilla ice cream that is smothered in nicely warmed caramel sauce. Then the brownie itself is decadent, smooth, chocolaty and melts in the mouth.  Served with two spoons, most will not want to share this dessert with anyone.


19167 Ford Rd Pitt Meadows BC 604-465-9911


Sher Boudreau
@ravenbran20 (twitter)

October 8, 2011

For the Davison family, Maple Ridge has been their home since 1902 so it was no wonder when Kerry and Lynn decided to venture out and create a new business in Maple Ridge. Golden Ears Cheese Works[1] held their grand opening today. Although, they have been open August 23rd 2011, they hosted their official grand opening on Thanksgiving weekend!

Driving up to a 'traditional looking' homestead building, you notice right off the bat that something is different. Outside were a few booths set up to sample some of the best BC has to offer. From sausages to pasta to sparkling water there was something to tantalize anyone taste buds.

Walking into the store itself is sensory overload. A gorgeous kitchen (where cooking classes will be held) showcases some of the baked goodies like scones and cinnamon buns and has seating available to enjoy your snack with a fresh brewed cup of coffee.

Wandering the store, you notice a familiar theme throughout. Almost everything in the store is either produced locally or from other areas of British Columbia. From fair trade coffee to gluten free chips to the fresh produce the store is jammed packed with healthy and environmentally conscience products.

Of course the best reason to visit the Golden Ears CheeseWorks is the cheese! With the dairy coming from Kerry\s brother Kevin's farm, you know the cheese is made with dedication to perfection, family and expertise. Since cheeses age in different time frames, the selections will always have something new. Be sure to sample, sample, sample. Oh and did I mention sample! Try some of their amazing Quark, Cranberry Gouda or if you are really adventurous, try their Stinging Nettles Gouda! They have freshly churned butter both salted and unsalted, cheese curds and the obvious milk.

Any way you slice it, Golden Ears CheeseWorks has something for everyone. Young and old will feel and taste the love behind all their products.

PRICE RANGE $$-$$$$$

[1] 22270 128th Avenue, Maple Ridge BC 604-467-0004


Pancake Breakfast at Hopcott Farms' Meadows Maze
Sher Boudreau

October 8 2011

Thanksgiving weekend kicks off in a big way this year! Hopcott Farm's Meadows Maze hosted their "Cranberry Pancake Breakfast". From 9am-12pm they were serving 2 large fresh cranberry pancakes, 2 sausages (supplied by Hopcott's)[1] and coffee or cranberry juice for the fantastic deal of $3. While watching the busy cook creating and flipping the delicious pancakes, the kids were absorbing all the sights and sounds surrounding the entry way of the Maze.

Just inside the gates prior to the individual maze entrances, is an adorable petting zoo. A definite kid favorites sure to keep them occupied. A miniature cranberry bog sits out front to show everyone how cranberries are grown and harvested.

Make sure to pop into their gift shop and take a look around at all the interesting wares and historical memorabilia (old fashioned oven).

Alongside the mazes, there is also train and hay rides for families to enjoy. I would recommend wearing boots as this time of year can present lots of muddy fields and the mazes are no exception.

Bundle up, take the family and enjoy one of our local fall fun locations. The concession is open and they do have public facilities as well as picnic areas.

Hurry up, as October 10th is the last day for the year. After your visit to the maze, be sure to stop into Hopcott Meats and pick up all your last minute Thanksgiving needs!

Price Range $-$$

[1]  18385 Old Dewdney Trunk Rd, Pitt Meadows BC 604-465-7799

Friday, October 07, 2011



Communing with the dead takes patience, diligence, open minds and souls. A clear mind and cleansed spirit will enable you to reach a soul easier and more focused. Water is a conduit to the after life so practicing with water is a great tool. 

Don't forget one of the best times to try and reach the afterlife is on Oct 30th as this is the night that bridges our plane with theirs. Oct 31st *Samhain' (pronounced Saw win) is the Pagan New Year, so the 30th being New Year`s Eve is night for redemption and connection.



Nothing bad has ever happened from reading a book. Unless of course you are in the movie 'The Mummy'.  

Knowledge is power! So everyone should be Hercules or strive to be.


Sher Boudreau
@ravenbran20 (twitter)

October 7 2011

A Pitt Meadows neighbourhood just got cosier.  September 22nd saw the opening of the 'Café Encounters'. Located nestled in the base of the condominium complex at the corner of Davison Rd and Harris Rd.  Owned and ran by Susan and Andy Hunt. Their electric personalities, cozy atmosphere and coffee beans care of the '49th Parallel' make the visit homey, warm and relaxing.

With a blossoming customer base, delicious treats and live entertainment on Friday evenings will make this a perfect spot to catch up with friends.

Moderately priced coffee and speciality coffee made barista style along with some seasonal favorites like Hot Apple Cider and Pumpkin Lattes give the cafe an enticing aroma. Don't forget to try a sample of their biscotti that is beside the coffee prep station.

Sandwiches and of course decadent treats round out the visit to the cafe. They even have toys for the kids! What more could you want from a neighbourhood coffee shop? Well how about Daniel Chocolates, hot soups and chili and homemade hummus. Yes, you can get it all here and in the summers you can look forward to gelato, milkshakes and floats!

All in all, a cafe worth checking out.

Price Range $$$

 10-12350 Harris Rd, Pitt Meadows BC 778-835-6985
112-6741 Cariboo Drive, Burnaby BC 604-420-4900

Thursday, October 06, 2011



Make sure when you build your altar that you have all the elements and guardians in order. Keep extra candles close by in case of emergency rituals. Must have for your altar: cloth, candles, smudge, athame, crystals, scrying tools and of course your book of shadows (spell book). If you have to tear down your altar after each use, keep everything together in a box or special location that you have easy access to.




Never go to bed without saying 'I love you', as you'll never know what night will be your last.

PAIN is such a rush....NOT


The last couple of days have been very challenging pain wise. After a very long drive to the doctor's office, the normal wait time in the waiting room and then the rushed up out the door appointment left me in severe pain, deeper depression and still no answers. 

Doctor has no clue as to why I'm having so many problems with keeping food down. While the IBS is the culprit for a large portion of the issue, there are several questions that just don't have adequate answers. At least for me anyways. 

Of course, the rotten weather isn't helping much either. The dismal sky, along with the dampness of the rain leave me wanting a hot tub, a large bottle of Tinhorn Creek Merlot and snuggling under the blankies with my hubby. Alas, life doesn't always agree to your desires. At least hockey is on :)

Tomorrow is another day, but tonight I remain in a depressive painful mood. As "Annie" would say, "The sun will come out tomorrow".

Wednesday, October 05, 2011



Psychometry enables you to be able to do a reading via an object. Jewellery usually works the best for me, but any object can carry an energy field that an experienced psychic can detect. 

Using  pyschometry is great for quickie readings (spontaneous energy draw). Sometimes, you just run into someone that screams read me. Psychometry is also great to use to hone your medium work or in past life regression reads. 



Experience is life gone tragically wrong. Happiness is life gone terrifically right!

Monday, October 03, 2011



Using witchvox is a great tool to find local covens, resources, friends and rituals



Sometimes you have to walk the path less traveled to get the answers you need. 

Brave Face

Putting on a Brave Face

Living with Chronic Pain has presented several challenges without many rewards but the hardest challenge by far for me has been answering the dreaded question: "How are you feeling today?" I can put on a brave face and say, 'not bad'. That is the answer that can cover a lot of things without getting into many details. The problem is, 'not bad' isn't good enough for some people and they need to know more. We rate our pain on a scale 1-10 but sometimes that just doesn't work. I can be at the lower end of the scale (for me that is a 5) and feel worse then when I'm at a 10. It is all contingent on where the pain is for that time frame or if it is from a Fibromyalgia flare up.

Flare ups are the worst to quantify into a statement because no two are the same. So, I'll smile and say 'I'm okay', but really I feel like I'm going to die. Sure it's lying to a degree but I don't want the pity party that comes along with 'I'm sorry you are in so much pain'. That isn't what I need. What I need are answers as to why I am subjected to this god forsaken disease? Why isn't there a cure? Why do I need to take all this medication when all it's doing is rotting the rest of my body that was functioning properly.  Why can't I stop crying and not sleeping because the pain is so horrific that I can't get comfortable? There are so many more questions without answers that it causes so much depression as well. 

I think for me, personally, hiding the depression is the hardest thing to do. I can put on the brave face for the pain but not so much when it comes to the depression. That unfortunately, you can see in my eyes. That is something you just cannot hide. People can see the sorrow in my eyes, the tears that have been shed repeatedly because of not being able to stand the pain. I was never really a 'winter' season athlete, so the winter is not as depressing activity wise. During the summer, however, the depression is much worse. I was very active. I loved to dance, swim, play tennis, play baseball or just to walk on the beach for hours. That is the hardest for me. I live so close to the ocean that it pretty much kills me inside knowing that I can't walk the 'Seawall' like everyone else in Vancouver. Hell it pains me that most days I can't even walk to get the mail (which is in a box 2 houses over). 

One of most frequent places I put on a brave face is in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake. Being able to roll dough, fondant or even just stand to peel veggies or prepare a meal is virtually impossible without having to take several breaks now. I loved throwing dinner parties and preparing elaborate meals for special occasions and holidays, now it's a trial just to make a daily meal. But I'll smile and not say a word to anyone except my husband. I've given up trying to really hide my pain from him. As he knows me better than anyone how much pain I'm really in from day-to-day. Sometimes, that is even minute-to-minute.  After multiple visits to the hospital because the pain has been unbearable, I'm fairly certain he can read through the facade and see my soul slowly dying inside. 

I guess what it boils down to is that I really dislike being asked how I am feeling and would rather have someone ask 'What can I do to make your day go a little easier?' or better still 'How would you like to cry on my shoulder for a while?'. A good cry is sometimes better than a doctor visit. It doesn't help the pain but it does ease the sorrow off my chest even if it is only temporary.

My brave face will be there right until they bury me or so I hope.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Until the Next Laugh...excerpt from 'Inside the Dragon's Heart'

Until the Next Laugh

Pristine white blanket
Flakes faceted in perfection
Cold beauty to witness
Embedding the unsuspecting ground below

Escalating winds drive the force
Temperatures plummet to a deathly chill
Cars run amok from nature’s torment
Victims of the uncontrollable

Winter storm watch all over the news
Everything closes nothing untouched
The shower of snow intensifies
Blizzard the word on everyone’s lips

Seemingly endless days ensue
The harsh glory of the sky
Captures observers in a prison of snow
Continual battle to find warmth

The sun dances finally
Melting mother natures’ practical joke
Life presses forward
Until the next laugh begins

Sher Boudreau 15-01-2004 ©



October is Breast Cancer Month so if you are a woman make sure to get a mammogram! It could save your life or a life of someone you love!

Encouragement and empowerment can make anything possible.

We will find a cure! 



Rune stones should be made of natural products not man made synthetics. Try and find wooden rune stones. Be sure to bless them before use and to cleanse them of their energy after or before every reading.