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Friday, June 08, 2012

My New Spiritual Name

June 8 2012

As I have been embarking on my newest journey to self-awareness and better health, the path has led me to the practicing of Yoga and deepening my connection to India.

I studied Hinduism earlier in life during my studies for my Degree in Spiritual Humanism and subsequent Ordination. The studies were brief but the basis for tranquility in both the mind and spirit remained.

As I pursue this new journey and embrace Yoga fully, I have opted to adopt a new spiritual name.  A request was sent with my intent of further personal growth and was given the beautiful name of Chananjeet Kaur. 

The name derives out of three separate definitions. First, Chanan which means Light of God. Second, jeet which means victory or victorious. Thirdly, Kaur which means princess of lions. (A title given to all women just as Singh is given to all men).

I fully embrace this new name and the spiritual connection it holds for me. If the Gods deem me worthy, I shall endure.


Thursday, June 07, 2012


June 7 2012

British Columbians are in the midst of a political atomic bomb countdown. The current Liberal government led by Premier Christie Clark; has been beat down, berated and beguiled.  

From Cabinet Ministers hastily departing Caucus to questionable decisions on Health care, Education and the most recent controversy Bill C311.  

While this Bill is being debated in Ottawa, BC's wine region, otherwise known as the Okanagan is holding it's breath awaiting the judgement for easier trade of wines throughout the Country. 

The Bill, would allow BC wines to flow free from additional taxation between provinces and would allow online sales. It also would allow visitors to wineries out of their home province the ability to transport wine across the borders. 

This archaic law may have had it's due during Prohibition, but certainly now in these times. When we can have 'free trade' across the United States, Mexico etc., why can't Canadians enjoy a bottle of wine from a different province? 

While, the Liberals would like to blame the Official Opposition, the NDP party led by Adrian Dix. The onus ultimately befalls the Premier and her Cabinet to rid the province of this out-dated law. We hope that Minister Rich Coleman will do what is right for our province and aid in the permanent disbanding of this law.


**update** The Bill C311 has passed in the House of Commons and is now being sent to the Senate for final passing. 

My new passion

I have a new passion and oddly enough it is a good for me. I've taken up practicing Yoga. I'm still in my infancy of the exercise regime and learning a great deal. 

Since the decision to start doing Yoga, I have drastically altered my diet (upping the raw foods and lowering gluten and processed). I have joined a 'fitness' website, that is in a word Awesome!

Sparkpeople has been motivating and inspiring for me. Logging in daily to track my exercise, my food, my weight etc. Along with community support (teams), recipes, cartoons and music selections has been thus far very useful. 

The Yoga has also enabled me to re-learn how to meditate and find my inner calm. 

I highly recommend both the website and the Yoga. As a chronic illness sufferer, I'm always looking for something to ease the pain other than the cupboard full of narcotics.  

Having Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Meniere's Disease can cause a great deal of stress and turmoil in my daily life, so having Yoga and sparkpeople has been like receiving a gift from the Goddess.

The Hockey World Mourns Another loss


June 7 2012

June 1 1960 - June 6 2012

Hockey fans around the world mourn the loss of Vladimir Yevgenyevich Krutov. Well known to NHL fans as one of the 'KLM' line. The 'KLM'  line was made of outstanding Russian players: Krutov, Igor Larionov and Sergei Makarov.

Vladimir (known fondly by many as 'The Tank'), in his hockey career gained 2 Olympic Gold, 2 Olympic Silver Medals (1980, 1984, 1988) along with an amazing collection of 8 Medals: 6 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze at the World Championships. 

Vladimir played with the Vancouver Canucks in 1989 but he battled with weight issues and being homesick for his Mother Russia.

Vladimir died in a Moscow hospital on June 6, 2012 of internal bleeding and liver failure. Sadly, his death came five days after his 52nd birthday.

Наши мысли и молитвы с Крутов семьи в течение этого времени скорбно

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Krutov family during this sorrowful time.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hockey World Suffers Another Loss


June 6 2012

Walleye mourn passing of Bryan Rufenach

The hockey world suffered another tragic loss with the death of 23 year old Barrie Ontario native, Bryan Rufenach.  

Bryan, a defenseman with the Toledo Walleye (ECHL) and drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in the 7th round of the 2007 NHL draft.  Bryan finished his season with the Walleyes with a total of 13 goals, 20 assists and 34 penalty minutes. In 54 games, he was ranked third in the ECHL for defensemen.

Rufenach, was promoted to the AHL (Grand Rapids) on three separate occasions and picked up two assists in his thirteen games.

The Rufenach family has requested some privacy as they deal with this tragic loss in their family. Bryan's death came suddenly while travelling in Switzerland earlier this week.

The entire hockey world mourns. For the loss of such a young budding star, for his teammates and his family.