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Friday, February 24, 2012

Self Title..excerpt from "Inside The Dragon's Heart"

Self Title

I am the same but different

Just a human wanting to fit in
My gifts a torment at times
The stares too hard to take

Dreams never peaceful
The voices in my head never cease
The pain unbearable
A world’s emotions in my soul

Candles lit chants sang
Incantations made for those in need
Keeping to myself
Alone the tears hurt no one

You say witch like it’s a bad thing
Yet the mirror shows no evil
Displays a woman with incredible love
Just waiting for a chance to fit in

Sher Boudreau..2003-01-28

Global BC | Education key to redemption of residential school legacy: commission chair

Global BC | Education key to redemption of residential school legacy: commission chair

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ridge Meadows Juvenile Moose in Playoff Chase


February 23, 2012

Minor Hockey in Ridge Meadows is in full swing of the playoffs and the Juvenile A1 team, affectionately known as the 'Moose' are winding their way through the flurry of teams in order to achieve their ultimate goal of a Provincial Championship. Coached by Derek Ferguson, Derek Bedard and Brady Dysserink all whom are former Moose players. 

The Moose have had plenty of playoff experience including a few trips to the Provincials (this year held at the Richmond Ice Centre).  The 2008 crushing defeat to Surrey A1 in Prince George weighs heavily on the minds of these eighteen, nineteen and twenty year old. The brass ring was within reach but slipped through in the waning moments of the Championship Game.

Brenden Vogt, a goalie with the Moose is in his final year with the team. He has seen both the good and bad of the team's efforts and always keeps an optimistic approach to the game. When I spoke to Brenden and asked him for a quote, his response was quick and high spirited. "Well hopefully it will go Moose sweep Bruins". 

The Moose already 2 points in the lead of the 4 point series will face the Burnaby Winter Club at Planet Ice (Cam Neely rink) on Sunday February 26th. The puck drops at 8:15pm and it is sure to be an exciting game.

Repo! The Genetic Review


What do you get when you put the horror mastery of Terrence Zdunich with the exquisite voice of Sarah Brightman? 

You get the deliciously twisted, erotic musical: Repo! The Genetic Opera. It's the year 2056 and humans have taken to buying tissues, blood and organs on credit. It befalls upon Graverobber (played amazingly by Terrence Zdunich) to repossess the body parts from their non-paying hosts. 

A gentle ingenue Alexa Vega makes her grand appearance as Shilo Wallace the unsuspecting daughter of Nathan (played by Anthony Head). What can only be described as a voice from the heavens, Alexa (Spy Kids) shows off her pipes in a cavalcade of gritty songs. 

Sarah Brightman's voice shines in the gruesome darkness of this film. Paul Sorvino displays his singing talent as Rotti Largo. Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans will be thrilled to see Anthony Head in a creepy role as Nathan the Repo man. 

Blood, brilliant colors and costumes that rival any fetish party echo through the film. This movie is not for the faint of heart or those who don't enjoy musical theatre. 

Repo! The Genetic Opera also stars a little unknown actress; Paris Hilton. It is one of her rare performances that actually merits discussion. Her voice and personality shine through 'Amber Sweet', the wanna be diva. 

The film released in 2008 has found a home among the Cult Classics. The raw blood lust accompanied by the angelic voices make this movie a definite for any horror fan. 

The dichotomy between life and death, between good and evil stretch throughout the saga keeping the viewer adhered to the screen for fear of missing something.

I dare you to get the music out of your head once it is there!!!!

RAVENBRAN RATING: 4.5 out of 5 claws!!!!

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Twitpic - Share photos and videos on Twitter

Juvenile Playoffs Make A Stop in Richmond


February 23, 2012

Minor Hockey is winding down it's season in British Columbia and the Juvenile Division is in the clutches of playoffs. With a spot in the coveted 'Provincials' at stake later in March, lower mainland teams are fighting hard to keep their Championship game hopes alive. 

Tuesday night saw the playoffs make their way to the Richmond Ice Centre which is home to Seafair Minor Hockey Association. The juveniles from Seafair were up against the juvenile team from Vancouver Minor Hockey Association. 

The game got underway with both teams hungry for a win. The fast paced game was suddenly halted due to a problem with one of the boards and it's protective glass. Since the problem was not able to be fixed immediately, a quick trip to the sheet of ice next door enabled the playoff game to continue. 

Vancouver Minor played with intensity but in the end fell to host Seafair with a 2-0 score. The second goal being an empty-netter.  Their game was the first in the four point series and Seafair goes into their next game against Vancouver Minor two points up. 

Vancouver Minor will host Seafair Minor on February 27th at 8:45pm at the Killarney Community Centre.

Provincials are being held this year will be held in Richmond hosted by Seafair Minor Hockey at the Richmond Ice Centre. Provincials run from March 22nd to 25th. 

Whew, it's Over...for the moment

February 23, 2012

I often wondered what this day would look like. The day after the Disability Tribunal was over. Somehow, my perception of what it would be like and the reality are in stark contrast to one another. 

Five long years of fighting tooth and nail all the way. The climb to this apex was met with disappointments, wavering emotions and several emotional collapses along the escalator of justice. I suppose justice isn't really the correct word since I don't believe the government owes me justice rather than the agreement that my life is not what it once was. A validation of my symptoms, diagnoses, diseases. An acknowledgement that I am disabled. 

Everyone else can see the disability, how is it that the government can't? I reckon because that is their job. They are there to make sure all applications are real. My position on this is simple, if I wasn't disabled I wouldn't have applied in the first place.

So now, the waiting game starts all over again. Up to four months of waiting for a decision with regards to the last five years of my life and my life still yet to come. 

If I had things my way, I wouldn't be in pain 24 hrs a day. I wouldn't spend my days in a depressive state because I'm not able to earn a living like my friends and family. But, I have resigned to the fact that the Fibromyalgia, Meniere's Disease, Osteoarthritis, IBS are in control and not me. 

Sitting in a closed room with four individuals that I have never met, three of whom will decide my fate and one who for all intense purposes is the enemy. (Canada Pension Rep)

I never asked once for this. I never woke up one morning and said, 'Hey, I think I need to be in crippling pain for the rest of my life'. 

My only hope now is that the people deciding my fate have a soul and are compassionate. Yes, they have a job to do and I get that. Anyone who saw me yesterday could see the pain I was in. My face doesn't hide it well any longer. 

Four more months of waiting and then........

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Voice your discontent



February 19, 2012

Monday February 20th is 'Family Day' in Canada*. This newest public holiday in Canada is designed to refocus emphasis back on the family but sadly  only 60% of Canadians get to celebrate it.

*Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia. Monday is Louis Riel Day in Manitoba and Island Day in Prince Edward Island.* 

Australia, South Africa, Vanuatu, Vietnam and a couple of US States also have their own version of Family Day that take place at different times of the year.

The day is marked with 'Free Admission' into family type attractions like museums and even the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa. Check your local listings for Family Day Events in your area.

Spending time with family is always important and the government providing an 'Official' holiday is a nice way to reinforce it. Now, if we can only convince  the remainder of Canada to acknowledge the holiday by enacting it in their respective Province/Territory.  All Canadians should have the same opportunity to celebrate the family and have access to government funded programs.

So, tomorrow in honor of Family Day, spend time with family and show what really matters at the end of the day.