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Wednesday, July 31, 2013



In a small shopping plaza located on the 'Guide' in Lynden, Washington is the little Cantina known as El Ranchito.

You are greeted with smile and 'Hola mi amigos'. Once seated and menus handed out, a basket of warm crispy fresh tortilla chips are delivered along with salsa and fresh pico de gallo. The restaurant is brightly coloured with artwork, tapestries, sombreros and traditional Latin music plays in the background.

The portion sizes are fantastic. The Arroz Con Pollo was a steal at $13.99. Succulent chicken with rice, fresh avocado, tomatoes and sauteed onions and peppers. The mildly spiced dinner is great for first time Latino diners. If you love spice and beef, the Steak a la Chicana is for you. Strips of spicy beef along with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and green peppers. Served with rice, re-fried beans, and warm tortilla shells. This bad boy is solid winner at $13.99
Arroz Con Pollo

Try one of their Latin beers or a signature Margarita. (even virgin versions are available).

If you still have room, a deep fried tortilla is served warm with a healthy dash of ice cream with whipped cream and strawberry coulee finishes off the meal perfectly.

Steak a la Chicana

Cervesa por va for!

fresh tortilla chips for nibbling

El Ranchito is open 7 days a week and offers take out and catering.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sinister Title...excerpt from "Thoughts from the Talons"

Sinister title

A cry in the near distance
Blood-curdling fear envelops the night
The air filled with the aroma of death
Prey fall victim to the master of undead

Transforming from beast to man
Piercing ebony eyes invoke mystic thoughts
Coaxing and luring into eternal life
Drifting through endless time and space

The long clutches of death ease
Twilight befriends the wicked
Farewells to sun and daylight
The moon protects its kin

Leagues of ‘nosferatu’ roam the earth
Hiding in mists and shadows
For most just a nightmare or movie
For some the sinister title of vampyre

Sher Boudreau 06-18-2004 (c)

Trapped..excerpt from "Thoughts from the Talons"


Into the night she seeks him out

A victimized soul easy prey
Whispering her yearnings to his mind
He comes to her willingly

Her wings engulf his firm body
Deeper he falls into a trance
Her eyes dark and seductive
Hiding her ultimate goal

Her lips red and dripping of blood
She tastes him with hunger and lust
To her he is more than nourishment
He is her concubine of the night

Trapped by her talons
He gives himself to her fully
Surrendering his life into her grasp
A loyal consort of her flesh

Waking to the insatiable bloodlust
He takes direction like a learning child
Taking flight and seeking his own prey
No longer the victim

As the dawn breaks
They seek comfort and shelter
Their bodies intertwined in darkness
Waiting for the next moment to feast

Sher Boudreau 03-05-2006 (C)

The Hunger excerpt from "Inside the Dragon's Heart"


Moon behind the clouds

The ominous shadows begin
Lurking in the darkness
He stands ready

Cursed or blessed
He knows not which
Immortality has its rewards
Lives all rolling into one

The hunger builds
Needing to nourish his thirst
His prey unsuspecting
Their blood his eternal food

The ebony of his eyes
Covered over by bloodlust red
Sharp piercing fangs emerge
An unstoppable force of nature

He kills for survival
Relishing in the conquest
A feast upon the flesh
He returns every night

Sher Boudreau…2003-01-28 (C)

Sunday, July 21, 2013



Starring Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson and Joey King
Directed by James Wan

The Conjuring (2013) Poster

Grab your 'blankie', pillow and favourite 'squeeze' for this horror flick. The Conjuring based on a true story, takes place in Harrisville Rhode Island. A quiet sleepy town in rural Rhode Island. The Perron family lead by Carolyn and Roger Perron (Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston) moves from the bustling city life of New Jersey to the country in hopes of finding happiness, tranquility and growing room for the family of seven.

The house starts to reveal its true evil heritage with the death of the family pet. Carolyn Perron (Lily Taylor) is quickly spotted as a conduit for the great beyond to take hold on earth.

Joey King continues to show her incredible talent and budding stardom playing the tormented daughter Christine. King, who also stars in White House Down (also in theatres currently) is quickly making her way up the success ladder.

Solid performances by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga who play legendary supernatural investigators - Ed and Lorraine Warren. With stock footage, on screen commentary and outstanding special effects, this is one horror movie not to miss.

Director James Wan is right on the money with this fact based terror. He delivers what can easily be considered one of the greatest horror films of all time.

Rated R for the violence and there is a great deal of it. A total scare fest time of 112 minutes. Make sure you clip your nails otherwise your significant other`s lap will be bloody from the constant clutching.

Jumps, bumps and screams make this movie an absolute must see on this summer`s movie list. Of course adding this to your home library once released on Blu-Ray/DVD is a given.




Starring Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Mary Louise Parker, Kevin Bacon and Robert Knepper

R.I.P.D. (2013) Poster

Step back in time. To a time where slap-stick, campy comedy was king. This is where you would this epic 'C' movie. Reynolds plays Nick, a savvy relatively happy Boston police officer. His life and love are ripped away from him suddenly by his partner and friend Hayes (played magnificently by Kevin Bacon).

Instead of going straight to hell or heaven, Nick (Reynolds) ends up at the desk of the Commander of the R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department) played by Parker. She is crass, to the point and makes no excuses for her nastiness. Nick is paired up with long time law keeper Roy (played by Bridges) to rid the earth of `Deadoes` before they can take over the planet and cause the ultimate demise of the human race.

Robert Knepper delivers the best performance of the movie playing Stanley Nawlicki, a wayward `deado`who falls prey to Roy and Nick (Bridges/Reynolds)

Constant slap-stick humor along with cheesy dialogue drag this film right back to the days of Attack of Killer Tomatoes (circa 1978) and Elvira Mistress of The Dark (circa 1988). The plot is reminiscent of Men in Black (circa 1997), with the change being dead people in lieu of aliens.

At 96 minutes it isn`t a film that will keep you from the real world too long. Rated PG13, the younger kids will find it very funny and you won`t help but giggle at some of the one liners.

Not on the must see list, but if you are faced between watching another episode of Young and the Restless (CBS) or this..take this.

RAVENBRAN RATING..... 1.5 out of 5 claws



Starring Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Woods and Joey King.

White House Down (2013) Poster

The stars all aligned in perfect harmony for this action thriller. Jamie Foxx gives a command performance as President Sawyer. The President (Foxx) falls behind enemy lines when the White House is taken over by terrorists led by former 'black back operatives' who have turned rogue against their country.  It is up to Cale (Channing Tatum) who is at the White House for a Secret Service interview, to rescue the President and his daughter (played brilliantly by up and coming starlet Joey King).

James Woods delivers the true goods as the head of the Secret Service. Surrounded by amazing special effects and some truly great explosions. (The Capital building in particular)

With a running time of 131 minutes, this non-stop action will keep you glued to the edge of your seat. Solid performance by  Maggie Gyllenhaal aids in making this a must see for the summer.

RAVENBRAN RATING  4 out of 5 claws

Saturday, July 20, 2013



starring Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Amy Adams and Kevin Costner.

Man of Steel (2013) Poster

Directed by Zack Snyder, this re-invention of the Superman Series is sheer Gold! Henry Cavill is stellar as the Man of Steel himself. Henry brings an element of compassion and angst to the legendary character. Amy Adams is a solid Lois Lane and gives the character more depth than that of her predecessors.

Kevin Costner, Diane Lane are simply amazing as Jonathon and Martha Kent. Diane's portrayal of Martha Kent is Supporting Actress Oscar worthy. She (Lane) gives Martha a boost of confidence, strength and yet keeps the softness of being Clark Kent's adoptive mother intact.

Russell Crowe gives a command performance as Jor-El.

The special effects, pyrotechnics and stunts really brought this film to life. Excellent script writing and direction have given Superman a new lease on life.

A definite to add to the Summer Movie Watching Season

RAVENBRAN RATING 5 out of 5 claws

Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Loss of my Mother

I suppose everyone who loses a parent feels the same sorrow in its own varied strain. I'm not entirely certain if adoptive children experience the same sorrow. Is it a more profound sorrow? Is it a disconnecting sorrow? Over the last couple of weeks, the answer has been formulating in my brain and this is what I have concluded.

My adoptive mother passed away suddenly on June 22, 2013. She was the only mother I ever knew as I was a mere six weeks old when I was adopted. She nurtured me, she scolded me more often than not. She was there for the trials for the tribulations and for the triumphs in my life and in that of my adoptive brother's life as well. As most teenagers do, I was the rebellious brat that felt my mother knew nothing, wasn't 'with the times' and didn't understand me whatsoever. What she also wasn't aware of, was how much I loathed being adopted. I felt a total disconnect to my mother and brother my entire life. They were the perfect 'Aryan', blond hair - blue eyes and then there was me. The native Canadian with the pitch black eyes and matching hair. (although now it is so L'Oreal enhanced, I have no clue what colour it is anymore). My skin colour was always darker. I went extremely dark while they burned in the summer. I stood out and I knew it.
Sherry, Mom, Dale at her favourite place ''The Mandarin"

I hated everything about being me. I was so different and so angry that my rebellion went to epic proportions which resulted in me finding solace in the bottom of a vodka bottle.

As you have likely noticed, I've yet to have mentioned my father. That would be due to the fact that he is a mere name on a piece of paper and nothing more. While married to my mother, I was too young to have any memories of what he was like as a dad. He split when I went into the third grade. After that, it was years of broken promises, limited visits and a growing disdain for him.

Then my mother met my dad. While step-father is the official title if you want to get technical. My step-father has been more of a dad to me than my father ever was or could be. He came complete with a step-brother and step-sister. All of a sudden I went from being the baby of the family to the middle child. Once again, I was the stand out. My new family members were also extremely 'Aryan' in colouring, leaving me the black sheep title.

When my daughter was born, I suddenly felt connected. She is a perfect clone of me. Sure she resembles her father as well, but she is me. Which for me suddenly gave me a glimmer of what my birth mother may look like. My logic, if my daughter looks so much like me, I have to look that much like my mother. Sounds reasonable doesn't it?

This small piece of information gave me hope and purpose. It also spurred on my desire to find out more about who I am and where I come from. 

My mother was more than just a grandmother to my daughter. She was part of a security net and a large part of her universe. The loss to my daughter, I think is far greater than anything I feel.

So that leads me to right now. The devastation I feel over the loss of my mother is overwhelming. Not only because she was the only mother I've ever known, but she was also my link to my past. My childhood memories are so limited that I relied on my mother for a great deal of my history. Now that is gone. Sure my brother will still have his memories but we are both aging too and I'm certain some things are gone from his memory as well.

Where does this leave me now? I'm a motherless child. Yet I feel like an orphan. I've always had abandonment issues and this is probably the worst possible scenario to endure.

While I'm glad that I came home two weeks prior to her death to celebrate my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary (actual anniversary would've been July 2nd). I'm also thrilled that we as a family - a wonderfully blended family got together and did a family portrait. The first our family has ever done and as it turned out the most important. 

Since my mother's funeral last Friday, I have been staring a great deal at the family portrait. It became apparent to me that I didn't really stand out anymore. I took notice of all the dark hair. It was a revelation that was likely way overdue. We had always been a family, I just didn't see it.

To answer my question, my sorrow is profound, disconnected and immense. No one will ever replace my mother. Even if I was to locate my birth mother. She would never have the memories that my mother had. Some questions will never truly be answered but for now, the answer I have to give is simply this:  I miss my mom today, tomorrow, forever.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Balance....excerpt from "Thoughts from the Talons" (c) 2004


Night and day unite as one
Sun and moon dance in harmony
An equal balance of earth and air
The solstice brings forth unity

Songs and dance honor the goddess
Prayers for wisdom strength and prosperity
Tribal drums wake the corners
Spirits to guide the path ahead

Symbiotic energies merge in the twilight
Dynamic forces enhance the heavens
Of earth air water and fire
The elements in perfect balance

Longest day into longest night
The stars and seas align
Displaying the beauty and majesty
Of the balance between god and goddess

Sher B......06-03-2004 (c)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Simple Goodbye....excerpt from "Blood Stained Talons" (c)

A Simple Goodbye

In the stillness of night

Tears flow like a tidal wave
From memories of a life gone by

Glancing over a marble stone
Reading the words over and over
Staring down at the wilted flowers

A simple goodbye not enough
Writhing hands and shaking flesh
Wishing fate had not wielded its hand

A portion of life ceases
Acceptance of past events and the road ahead
Not an ending but a new beginning
A transformation into a new entity
Angel eyes gazing down from above

Pain eases to a remindful hurt
Days slip into weeks into years
Marking anniversaries with tears and flowers
Passing on to next generations
A history of a life taken too quickly

A simple goodbye was not enough
Gone but never forgotten
Always in the heart forever in the soul
Missing you today tomorrow and forever

Sher B….2010-06-02 ©

VICTIMIZED SOUL...excerpt from new book "Blood Stained Talons"

Victimized Soul

Childhood thoughts begin to surface
Wrinkles reveal an aged soul
Tried and tempted through the years
Weathered by all life’s experiences

Memories escape of days gone by
Barely remembering a given name
A friendly face soon forgotten
Crippled by a malicious disease

What was once a vital life
Now a shell of its former self
Feeble minded but body strong
A family’s anguish is great

The simplest of tasks now difficult
Unable to survive in the world
Sheltered within sanitary walls
Protected from harm and pain

Altziemers does not discriminate
Damages all it touches
Leaving a plethora of victims in its wake
Tears the only solace

Soon death will come
Easing the pain of existence
The victimized soul rests
Family finally at peace

Sher B…..20-06-2013 (c)

Ps. I love you Baba - Annie Fedikow Nov 19 1921 - June 18 2013 

This is dedicated to all the families touched by the horrors and  trauma of this wretched disease. May you find peace and hope. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gluten Free Yorkshire \Pudding

I searched the web to find a suitable gluten free recipe for Yorkshire Pudding.  After reviewing a few complex recipes, I opted to take my own recipe and adapt it.

So here is my recipe for Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.


12 tbsp vegetable oil
4 organic free range brown eggs
2 cups Zena's Gluten Free 'Zap' flour mixture 
1 tsp Xanthum Gum
2 cups 1% milk (or milk substitute like original Soy)


Blend eggs, flour, xanthum and milk and let sit for approximately 1 hour

I like to use a cupcake pan, but you can make it as a sheet too. 

Place 1 tbsp of vegetable oil in each cupcake slot.  Place pan in oven until smoking hot! (10 mins is usually good)

Pour mixture into each individual slot till about 3/4 full.  

Bake for 25 mins until golden brown and puffy.

Serve hot with gluten free gravy! 

** they taste amazing cold too**

***If you can't get the Zena's gluten free 'Zap', use your favorite gluten free all purpose flour mix ***

Tuesday, February 19, 2013



Growing up, I was much like any other kid. I loved hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, pancakes, sandwiches and cakes.  What I didn't realize at that time, was that all that gluten would one day wage war against me. I can't remember a time where I didn't have stomach issues. From the constant constipation to massive cramping and volatile diarrhea. I had it all. Yet, no medical professional ever once mentioned that 'gluten' could be the culprit to my gaseous gut. 

As I got older, my love of gluten filled products continued on. I indulged in all things flour, with never a second thought. Loving that short stack of pancakes on a Sunday morning. Who knew my passion for food would someday bite back? 

After being diagnosed with a myriad of diseases (from Osteoarthritis to Fibromyalgia and more), I became very cognisant of food and its impact on my aging body. It seemed like pain would become unbearable after eating a sandwich or cookie. I would double over in anguish and spend countless hours in various bathrooms.  Still, never put the two together. That was until last year. 

A friend suggested to me that I try taking 'gluten' out of my diet to see if my symptoms would ease up.  'Omg, you can't be serious?' How could I possibly give up everything that gave me comfort growing up?  How the hell was I going to bake gluten free? I knew nothing about gluten free flours or products. Hell, I didn't even know what gluten was. 

So, I tried it. Slowly at first. Being a Taurus/Gemini really doesn't help facilitate change easily. I'm just too stubborn.  I digress.  The first few experiences in tasting gluten free were not pretty. In fact, they were down right disgusting. 

In hindsight, it was likely my abhorrence to change. But, I started to notice a difference.  I wasn't spending hours in the bathroom puking and other assorted bodily functions that are nasty.  My stomach wasn't in a permanent state of cramping and I was losing weight. 

Really? Weight loss? This was cool. So, I started doing research and reading everything I could get my hands on with regards to gluten free.  I found an amazing bakery in Maple Ridge (Zena's Gluten Free on Dewdney Trunk Rd & 223rd).  They had fresh baked goodies (including my weakness towards brownies), breads and pizza shells. As if that wasn't enough for me to jump for joy, Zena's also had their magical mix called 'Zap'.  A pre-mixed gluten free flour base that I could substitute one for one with regular flour.  I thought I died and went to 'foodie heaven'.  

It has taken a year, but I'm finally happy with cooking gluten free. Sure, I still crave those pancakes, but now I can enjoy them without the pain.  (although, honestly I haven't found a gluten free pancake batter I like yet)

I have been able to alter some of my favorite recipes using that aforementioned 'Zap' along with other gluten free products that are on the market.  I have also managed to drop from a size 22 to a 15.  

If someone was to tell me five years ago that I would be enjoying a gluten free  lifestyle, I would've laughed my ass off.  Now, I am encouraging others to take the step to better health.

My passion for food hasn't changed much since my early years. What has changed is how I see food. It isn't just something to shove in my body for fuel anymore. Food is a pleasure of life and shouldn't cause you grief, pain or discomfort. My foods now are healthier, fresher (thanks to local Merchants) and flavorful.  

Going gluten free isn't a challenge, it's a reward.  I am free to be me! I may never be pain free but at least I can control the extra impact from food.

Living Without - Gluten-Free Yorkshire Pudding - Recipes Article

Living Without - Gluten-Free Yorkshire Pudding - Recipes Article

Cards | Cardstore

Cards | Cardstore

Sunday, February 10, 2013


wrap up
by Sher Boudreau

This year's final game was hosted by North Delta Minor Hockey Association, at the Sungod Arena.  Saturday February 9, just also happened to be 'Hockey Day in Canada'. A fitting occasion to see these all-star teams:  "PCAHA Flames" vs. "PCAHA Canucks" play on the same day as their namesake NHL teams The Calgary Flames and the Vancouver Canucks. 

The final's rivalry began when the two teams met in round robin play. The PCAHA Flames won their first outing by a butt whooping score of 11-3 over the battered PCAHA Canucks. The Flames also won their game against the PCAHA Senators (who consequently came third in the tournament).  With the Flames in full lead of the tournament, the Canucks had a settle to score.

The Scholarship Tournament was not only about winning the coveted Earl Sinkie Trophy. But an opportunity for these juvenile players made up from the lower mainland to play together on these all-start teams with different coaches.  To develop new friendships, improve team-play, fair-play and also for a chance at one of three $500 bursaries awarded at the end of the tournament. (One bursary per team).  This year, the final game was proud to have Earl Sinkie on hand to award his namesake trophy as well as the gold, silver and bronze place medals. 

The first period was very fast paced with good clean hitting and outstanding net-minding by both sides. At the end of the first period, the teams were locked at 0-0. As the second period started, there seemed to be a newly lit fire under both sides. It would be the PCAHA Canucks that would draw blood first at 19:51 with an unassisted goal by Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey's Evan Semenerio.
The Flames pressed and peppered shots at the Canucks goalie at struck pay dirt at 9:28 with a goal by Coquitlam Minor Hockey's Anthony Basso and assisted by Port Coquitlam Minor Hockey's TJ Bevilacqua.  The Flames would continue to fire bullets at the Canucks net-minders (both Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey's Marshall Quinnell and Cloverdale Minor Hockey's Jacob Durose who would finish the game).

At 6:58 of the 2nd period, the Flames would get on the board again with a goal by Seafair Minor Hockey's Kris Hay with an assist by Vancouver Minor Hockey's Daniel Wong.

The Canucks would rally back and Ridge Meadow Minor Hockey's Evan Semenerio would get his 2nd goal of the game.  This time with the assist of Cloverdale Minor Hockey's Hirsh Gill.

Tensions were mounting as the clock whined down to zero and the 2nd period would end in a 2-2 tie. The third period would start with some good clean checking and constant pressure on both goalies.  It would be the Flames to score at 11:41 of the 3rd period to take a 3-2 lead. Scored unassisted by Vancouver Minor Hockey's Daniel Wong.

Vancouver Minor Hockey's Daniel Wong also won the game's MVP for the Flames. While, the MVP for the Canucks was their goalie; Ridge Meadow Minor Hockey's Marshall Quinnell.

At the end of the game, the award presentation also included the awarding of the three $500 bursaries.

From the PCAHA Senators - representing North Vancouver Minor Hockey was Ryan Eisenbock who was on hand to receive his award. The second bursary was awarded to PCAHA Canucks player Kevin Scott, representing Surrey Minor Hockey.  The third $500 bursary was awarded to PCAHA Flames player TJ Bevilacqua, representing Port Coquitlam Minor Hockey.
Prior to the final game's commencing, I had a chance to talk to a few of the coaches. While speaking with Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey coach Derek Bedard, he was looking at all the name plaques on the trophy. It was at that moment that he made what would be quiet a prophetic statement.

"Hey Sher, remember when I played in the Scholarship Tournament?" "Yes," I replied happily. "Well, my winning team then was the PCAHA Flames. I'm now coaching the PCAHA Flames. Maybe this is a good omen".

No truer words could have been spoken that afternoon.

Congratulations to all the coaches, managers and especially to all the players. The Tournament showcased a remarkable display of sportsmanship, teamwork and fantastic hockey! Hockey Day in Canada certainly made it's mark for these graduating minor hockey players.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013



Nestled between the concrete jungle of downtown Maple Ridge is newly opened Chameleon Cafe.

From the outside, it looks similar to the rest of the street. When you walk inside, the world around is transformed. Chameleon is an upscale New York City/Paris style tapas bar.

The exquisite woodwork alongside the white leather in the seating areas, give the cafe a chic feel that is unpretentious and welcoming. A long arched staircase leads to a cozy balcony seating area. Eight tables elegantly set and ready for a meeting or party. With another eight tables on the main floor, Chameleon caters to smaller crowds with big appetites.  

'The Cuban' sandwich showcases pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, dill, mustard and mayo served on your choice of bread (including gluten free for a $2 extra charge). It is served with a side of fries or salad for $12. 

If you are looking for something a little more exotic. Try the 'Lobster macaroni and cheese' served topped with sourdough breadcrumbs for $15.  The food presentation is amazing.  From the personal french fry baskets to the pristine white geometric plates. It is all a symphony in perfection.

Not looking to dine, how about some wine? Perhaps a glass of Hennessy while catching a game on their television. Chameleon has you covered for that as well. A great selection of premium, signature and domestic beverages to choose from. All reasonably priced.

You've wined. You've dined. Now it's time for dessert. A verbal dessert menu to finish off the experience.  A vast array of decadence to entertain any palate. My personal favorite Tiramisu was served with fresh raspberries and a raspberry coulee. The texture is dense but light with the luxurious taste of espresso and marscapone.

Think this is just for adults? Nope, they have a great kids' menu as well. 

Overall, this is one restaurant that is a true class act. 

Open seven days a week. Monday - Friday from 8:00am-10:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am-10:30pm and Sunday 10:00am-10:00pm. 

They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Free Wi-fi is also offered for all patrons. Chameleon also offers group bookings. 

You can find more information on Chameleon at the following:
@magda1968 on Twitter

Chameleon Cafe
11965 224th Street
Maple Ridge


Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Sher Boudreau

Hockey was alive and well in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge this past holiday season. Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey hosted it's Annual 'Night After Christmas' Tournament. Showcasing eager hockey players ranging from H1 to Atom.  The tournament was held from Dec 27th to Dec 30th and was at both Planet Ice and Pitt Meadows Arenas.

For six and a half year old Keegan Araki, this was his first hockey tournament. Soaking it all in, Araki who plays for Ridge Meadows H2 C4 was shredding the ice smiling all the while.

At the other end of the minor hockey spectrum, was the 2nd tournament happening in Maple Ridge. The Annual Juvenile Christmas Tournament was also held the same weekend at Planet Ice.  The juvenile division which is the eldest of divisions in minor hockey (18, 19, 20 year olds) had six teams from the Lower Mainland and one team from Vancouver Island.

Both tournaments showcased the very best in team sportsmanship, healthy competition and a love for the game. In a season where NHL fans were being deprived of their beloved game, local minor hockey is thriving and keeping the dream alive.

Whether it is a new player like Keegan or a veteran of the juvenile team, hockey is a long standing tradition for Canadians.

For organizers Penny Butler and Mike Lourens, the tournaments are like another child that needs constant nurturing, patience and stamina.  The gruelling hours of running a tournament take a toil on all the volunteers, families and players alike.  It is the drive to give kids an amazing sporting experience that keeps organizers motivated.

Ridge Meadows A1 affectionately known as the 'Moose', has hosted the juvenile Christmas tournament for the last nine years.  Coached by Derek Ferguson, Derek Bedard and Karl Ralph (all veterans of the very same team) faced all the competition head on and were victorious over their tournament and seasonal rival Langley.
While our gold medal hopes were quashed at the World Juniors. Minor hockey gold was shining brilliantly in Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.