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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yearning to be a star

Sure, everyone has had dreams or fantasies of being a famous person. Whether it be an athlete, politician (goddess forbid) or an actor, dreams are there for a reason. To make us strive for excellence. To urge us on to better achievements and personal goals. For me, I've always wanted to be famous.

I love acting. Drama class was by far one of my favorite classes in high school and college. From playing Lady Macbeth (I'm sure every senior has played her by now) to playing a blind witch in the 3 act play The Witches. (where I won an award of excellence in acting). As I grew up, my urge for fame never wavered although the method of fame altered slightly. 

As my writing took off and became its own entity, I found that I yearned for fame of the written word. I wanted and still want to be on the New York Times Best Sellers List. I would love to win a Pulitzer Prize but reality sets in and I wake up to the realization that I'm a very small fish in a very vast ocean of writers.

The acting bug came back in a big way a couple years ago. I had the extreme pleasure of playing a fallen angel in the web series S.O.T.A (Soldiers of the Apocalypse) and a star crazed fan in a music video with the band Abandon Paris. These two 'extra' rolls have spurred my desire for more work in the industry. 

I know my back has other options for me, pain seems to cease all fun and enjoyment. I  also know that I would give up everything for my 5 minutes of fame. 

Cosplay has been a venue for me to gain some notoriety. I was interviewed by a few web shows and CBC news. I've been on television a few times now via news stories and have had several pieces of my writing published. 

Still that acting bug keeps biting. I'm seriously considering doing some 'head shots' and writing a resume up for more acting work.  Acting for free is fantastic for me but all things considered, a little bit of money would be cool too.

I had being a captive to my health issues. It is preventative of me having fun, working for a living, and possibly killing any chance of dream fulfillment.

Who knows what the goddess has in store for me. All I know is that fame is still calling my name and I want to answer it wholeheartedly!

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