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Friday, September 09, 2011

Traumatized..excerpt from `Through the Eyes of a Veteran`


Returning home to things forgotten

No roll call to adhere to

Familiar things seem surreal

Acclimating tougher than imagined

Endless nights of nightmares

Drowning the sounds in a bottle

Medication merely dulls the pain

Love from the family unrecognizable

Countless medical appointments

No real help to be found

Comprehension and compassion empty words

Traumatized uncertain of reality

Violent fits of rage and anger

Like a roaring waterfall in the mind

Flowing into a loud silence

Peace of mind never to come

Doctors have conditions for it all

Only the soul knows the truth

No magical cure to fix the disease

The soul traumatized to the end

sept 20 2009 ©

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