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Thursday, October 06, 2011

PAIN is such a rush....NOT


The last couple of days have been very challenging pain wise. After a very long drive to the doctor's office, the normal wait time in the waiting room and then the rushed up out the door appointment left me in severe pain, deeper depression and still no answers. 

Doctor has no clue as to why I'm having so many problems with keeping food down. While the IBS is the culprit for a large portion of the issue, there are several questions that just don't have adequate answers. At least for me anyways. 

Of course, the rotten weather isn't helping much either. The dismal sky, along with the dampness of the rain leave me wanting a hot tub, a large bottle of Tinhorn Creek Merlot and snuggling under the blankies with my hubby. Alas, life doesn't always agree to your desires. At least hockey is on :)

Tomorrow is another day, but tonight I remain in a depressive painful mood. As "Annie" would say, "The sun will come out tomorrow".

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