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Sunday, December 25, 2011


My Christmas Wish

This year has been one of so much sorrow, pain and chaos for the entire World.  The needless loss of life through gang violence. Thousands displaced by tragic floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and fires. Too many lives lost through war, strife, greed, torture, hunger and disease. Tears continue to flow for lives tragically taken in accidents of all forms. The anguish from losing precious young lives because of bullying, hatred, ignorance and intolerance. 

My world is changing daily. It is no longer the world I knew as a child. As a child, Russia was one massive entity called the Soviet Union. A wall stood between families in Germany and the worse thing to happen at school was detention for passing notes. 

I stare out at the mountains and wonder when they will come crashing down. The stability of the earth is decaying faster than we can repair it. How many 'hint's does humanity need before it realizes the path to self-annihilation is within reach? When, will we stop causing so much pain and anguish to each other and to the earth? 

My Christmas wish this year seems so simplistic in theory. 'Peace on earth and good will towards all men'. Freedom from persecution for being a different race, creed, religion, sexual orientation. Freedom from bullying in any form. Freedom from famine, war and disease. 

In reality, these wishes are much harder to attain than it should be. Perhaps, one day before we blow ourselves to kingdom come. We can find the common ground that is the earth and start to enjoy it for what it truly is: A miracle.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy Safe and Prosperous New Year!



  1. You are definitely right! We live in a world that full of uncertainties. Your wishes are good and hope it will come true.

  2. I hope that all your wishes will come true. The world is full of negative activities and it is not good for everybody.


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