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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Star Struck in Langley


February 26, 2012

A quick trip to Walmart proved to be a lot more fun today thanks to a film crew in Langley. 

Driving back from Walmart, I took notice of some filming signage and decided it was a good day to investigate where the filming was happening. Also hoping, if I could spot a few stars along the way. 

The bright orange signs pointing the way to a older farmstead home with several cars parked along the road. Pylons marked each side of the lengthy driveway which lead to a few film trucks, dressing rooms and film crews.

I pulled the car off to the side of the road and quickly grabbed my phone. Snapping a few shots of the homestead, I managed to get noticed by a lone security guard that was sitting in her truck. 

A smartly dressed gentleman was walking down the driveway as I was taking the photos, but I was not sure as to who he was. Shortly after that, a car pulled into the driveway. The driver waved to me and smiled. I think he realized that I was a lone fan and not a paparazzi as he was calm and slow in pulling into the set location.  I managed to look into the car to see a familiar face staring back at me. 

The quick gasp of breath and a skip of my heart acknowledging that I was face-to-face with one of my favorite shows actors. The pure exhilaration of being spotted by a movie star and acknowledged for being a star crazed fan was nothing I was prepared for. The euphoria from quickly snapping shots with an ongoing fear of being told to leave was the true test of my resolve. 

For the first time in my budding journalism career, I felt like a true journalist. Now, if I can only break through the barriers and get my first real interview. 

Oh, I guess by now you are wondering what shows set I was visiting. Well, you'll have to stay tuned to find out. Or, click on the photos and see if you can figure out the homestead. 

**hint** it's Supernaturally spectacular!

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