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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

5 years of agony. 5 years of anxiety, anguish, frustration, anger, rage, tears and fears. 5 years of having my life in the hands of bureaucrats. 5 years of contending with the Canadian government. 5 years of endless doctors, specialists, hospitals, clinics, tests and blood-work.
The end result a meeting of the 'minds' in a Tribunal in February to decide my fate.
Earlier yesterday morning, an unexpected knock on our door changed our lives forever. The mail-person handed my hubby an envelope addressed to me and signed for it. He handed me the envelope but hadn't looked to see who it was from.
I started to shake when I saw the return address. Office of the Tribunal Canada Pension. I opened the envelope and pulled the thick documentation out. My hands were shaking beyond belief and tears were already welling into my eyes.
The first few Official lines didn't really give me what I wanted. I feverishly read through the paperwork (speed-reading is sometimes a glorious thing) and got to the last page.
We find for the Appellent OMFG did I read that correctly? The government and Tribunal including what I thought was a 'blood sucking' Lawyer sided with me. They agreed that I am disabled and unable to work!
I'm beyond thrilled at the decision to say the very least. I may not be working but at least I'll have an income. I won't have to borrow money from hubby to buy presents for him.
The tears are still in my eyes and if I think about it too much, I start to cry again. I still have to wait a bit for the payments to start trickling in but OMFG it is finally OVER

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