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Monday, October 01, 2012


Greetings my ghouls and goblins

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without some excellent 'family' friendly spooky flicks to kick back and enjoy with a bag of popcorn. So, here are a few to check out and make a part of your holiday as well.

Monster Squad circa 1987. What do Frankenstein, Dracula, Werewolf, and a group of dorky tweens have in common? They all found their way into this family friendly flick. Duncan Regehr, Stan Shaw, Tom Noonan and Jack Gwillim as the iconic Van Helsing. In their small tree fort, the "Monster Squad" spends their days flipping through horror comics and dreaming of protecting the earth from the creatures of the night. Their world turns upside down when a curse allows Dracula to roam the earth once more. Only a spell cast by a virgin will save the world and it is up to the Squad to protect the town. Thrills, chills and a 'Creepy old German Guy' make this movie a keeper!

Hocus Pocus circa 1993.  Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, Sarah Jessica Parker star as the three Sanderson sisters. A brood of witches that run amok amok amok 300 years ago. Max and Dani Dennison are the new kids in Salem Massachusetts are thrust into the clutches of these evil witches. Disney does Horror like no body's business in this musical perfection. Sarah Jessica Parker's voice is pure and dare I say 'angellic' as Sarah the youngest of the sisters. It is crunch time for Max when Dani is kidnapped and her essence needed to keep the witches alive. Special effects, amazing cinematography and delightful scripting give Hocus Pocus the 'adorable' treat to viewers. 

Casper circa 1995. A very young Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa star in this blockbuster about a shy ghost who just wants to fit in. Bill Pullman, Cathy Moriarty and Eric Idle bring their comedic brilliance to the big screen. Kat (Ricci) and her dad (Pullman) move into their new home. Problem is, it happens to be haunted by Casper and company. With voices by Brad Garrett, John Kassir and Joe Alaskey. The ghosts aren't moving and either are the living. Havoc, chaos, mayhem and laughter ensue. This is a tear-jerking, tissue grabbing, pillow squishing movie. 

stay tuned for more must see-must have movies for your Halloween!

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