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Sunday, November 11, 2012

WRITTEN IN BLOOD...title poem from "WRITTEN IN BLOOD" (c) 2002

Written in Blood

Standing at the gates of death
Awaiting my turn for judgment
The book filled with thousands of pages
A few names engraved crimson red

I asked around and wondered why
Some names had no coloring
The gatekeeper pondered on how to answer
What you do is how you are engraved

Still in uniform with the lethal wound
Looking down on my friends and family
I snuck a peek and saw my name
Etched in red so everyone could read

Tears well up within my eyes
As the explanation began
You see you were killed in action
Your name is Written in Blood

You have a special place within the gates
A brotherhood of perfect strangers
Brought together in life and death
Welcome Home Solider you are loved

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