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Thursday, June 20, 2013

VICTIMIZED SOUL...excerpt from new book "Blood Stained Talons"

Victimized Soul

Childhood thoughts begin to surface
Wrinkles reveal an aged soul
Tried and tempted through the years
Weathered by all life’s experiences

Memories escape of days gone by
Barely remembering a given name
A friendly face soon forgotten
Crippled by a malicious disease

What was once a vital life
Now a shell of its former self
Feeble minded but body strong
A family’s anguish is great

The simplest of tasks now difficult
Unable to survive in the world
Sheltered within sanitary walls
Protected from harm and pain

Altziemers does not discriminate
Damages all it touches
Leaving a plethora of victims in its wake
Tears the only solace

Soon death will come
Easing the pain of existence
The victimized soul rests
Family finally at peace

Sher B…..20-06-2013 (c)

Ps. I love you Baba - Annie Fedikow Nov 19 1921 - June 18 2013 

This is dedicated to all the families touched by the horrors and  trauma of this wretched disease. May you find peace and hope. 

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