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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trapped..excerpt from "Thoughts from the Talons"


Into the night she seeks him out

A victimized soul easy prey
Whispering her yearnings to his mind
He comes to her willingly

Her wings engulf his firm body
Deeper he falls into a trance
Her eyes dark and seductive
Hiding her ultimate goal

Her lips red and dripping of blood
She tastes him with hunger and lust
To her he is more than nourishment
He is her concubine of the night

Trapped by her talons
He gives himself to her fully
Surrendering his life into her grasp
A loyal consort of her flesh

Waking to the insatiable bloodlust
He takes direction like a learning child
Taking flight and seeking his own prey
No longer the victim

As the dawn breaks
They seek comfort and shelter
Their bodies intertwined in darkness
Waiting for the next moment to feast

Sher Boudreau 03-05-2006 (C)

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