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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wine Tasting


Wine tasting

Warmth of an Indian summer’s day
Heightened the sweet aroma of a ripe harvest

Delicate grapes being pressed

A nectar worthy of the gods

Hand in hand walking the endless trail of vines

Smiling in the subtle romantic overtones

Coy hints to a desired kiss
The wine awakens the sleeping passions

Bottled with care and aged experience 
Each label seeking the coveted taste

Shared between lovers

Discovering the full bodied affects

A plate of cheese to enhance the palate
Each sip intensifies a growing hunger

The richness of the wine matches her ruby lips

To sample both is a day of satisfaction

The long drive home becomes more playful
Sheltered behind a one way glass

Senses of pleasure increase with touch

Lingering taste of wine shared by both

A carnal exploration of mind and spirit
Accompanied by the robust flavor of wines

The day started out as an adventure

And ends with thirst quenching partnership

2002-11-04 ©

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