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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adopted and Illness

Being adopted has placed a variety of obstacles in my path over the years but none as powerful and as frustrating as my medical background. Every time I visit a doctor or have to have a test at a hospital, I cringe with the question 'Is there a history of this in your family?'. 

In recent years, the Province of Ontario has opened all the sealed adoption records. Allowing 'adoptees' like me to apply to get birth records and medical histories. The problem lies in that most birth mothers were not so 'open' with their family histories and/or medical records to adoption agencies etc. It's even worse when it is a single parent adoption like mine. My birth mother did not divulge a name for my birth father and with that no history, no medical information, just a large empty frustrating void.

At 44 this has become a more critical situation for me as my health has taken a huge twist and answers would ease a great deal of stress surrounding my illnesses. Finding out if they are genetic or spontaneous would help not me but my daughter as well. Being able to tell my daughter that my illnesses are a fluke and that she isn't destined to be stricken with Meniere's, Fibro, Osteoarthritis, Hypoglycaemia and Depression. 

The journey is going to be a long one I'm sure but all I can do is press on and hope that there are answers out there for me. 

the quest continues......

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