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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fabric of the Universe...excerpt from "Inside the Dragon's Heart"

Fabric of universe

 Gazing at the stars within the fabric of the universe

Shining brightly for all to behold

Streaming to the ground being captured by a wish

Placed inside the heart for eternity

 The smile is the star reflecting outwards

Inspiring and invigorating its witnesses

Sharing its warmth and brilliance

Infecting all with a happiness unparalleled

Growing in intensity and radiance

Encompassing the surroundings

Keeping the strength of its lustre bold

Providing a light to the dimness of life

Looking into the heavens for the thread of humanity

Unravelling a portion for security and love

A never-ending fabric of stars and dreams

Kept together by hope and optimism

How big is your piece

Will it stand the passage of time

Will your fabric instill a faith or motivate another

Tie the loose ends to strengthen its resolve

Give some back from what you have taken

From the fabric of the universe

Sher …2002-06-17 (C)

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