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Thursday, November 10, 2011

SEMPER FI....excerpt from "Written in Blood"


Twisted shards of metal
Impacting the unprotected flesh
Screams of anguish echo in the loud silence
Blood trickles from the gaping wounds

Shell casings surround the tracks of war
Following the duty engulfed soldier
The soul slips into an eternal abyss
Internal tears the only solace remaining

The day lay in a harmonious peace
For death chooses no victors
War for them has ceased
Transforming each from veteran to victim

As the flames of a phoenix renew
So to does the life of a soldier
Redeemed through the vigilance
That awaits those who threaten the freedom

Enduring the separation from humanity
Compelled by honor and a sense of duty
Standing proud on the wall
The choice is made
Semper fi

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