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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear IBS

January 31st

Dear Irritable Bowel Syndrome,

You and I have been having this tug of war battle for a while now and I feel like I'm losing my footing. I no longer have days where I'm not chained to the bathroom. I never know from one moment to the next how much pain I'll have or if I can actually eat and keep the food down. 

I understand that you are a problem that hits world wide. I totally get that you don't have a cure and that treatment doesn't always help. My concern is that you are now taking over my life. I struggle to eat because I don't want the hassle of vomiting into the nearest toilet. 

You were not invited into my life nor were you ever really desired. You showed up, took over my body and gave me this shallow frail identity in lieu of my original strong frame. Thank you but you can take it back. 

I've sought advice from Doctors, seen countless Specialists, unending hospital visits and nights in emergency. X-rays, CT Scans, MRI`s, Blood work, you have demanded it all, yet you give nothing but grief and sorrow in return. 

Why did you choose me? What heinous crime did I commit to deserve this harsh sentence? 

I beg for mercy and reprieve.  Leave me to enjoy the rest of my years. Although, I know this request is falling on deaf ears. You are what you are: A painful, irritating disease. 

Signed in disgust 


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