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Saturday, February 04, 2012

High Tech Health Care


February 4, 2012

As we move more and more into a global high tech society, it only makes sense that the health care system follow suit. The ability to access vital patient information in a faster more efficient way could prove indispensable in the years to come. Our society is aging and with that, the stress on the health care system to provide quality and timely care.  With programs like '', '' already working, it is just a matter of time before all agencies look to the Internet for a more modern approach. 

An ambulance arrives to find a patient unconscious and no one is around to provide vital health information. The 'EMT' scans the patients health card (like a QR code) and on his 'tablet', he is able to see that the patient has an existing heart condition and is on medications. The patients family doctor's name, list of medications and recent hospitalizations show up for the EMT to see. He is then able to provide the correct treatment and save precious time. On route  the hospital, the EMT is able to transmit his results and information to the admission department which in turn saves time once the patient has arrived at the hospital. 
Through this scenario, money is saved in several ways. From the streamlined paperwork to the ability of knowing what the current treatment is and what else may be required. Doctors can utilize this type of system to aid in prescribing medications and being able to see right away if there are any interactions or symptoms that may arise from the treatment. 

This is the future of health care whether we want it or not. Having computers is a fact of life and it is the normal progression in global survival. Utilizing the web for health care measures can be invaluable for travelling to other countries as well. The medical system in the country being visited would be able to access the patient information in their language and provide correct treatment and save countless wasted dollars on unnecessary treatments or tests. 

The world is becoming smaller and more connected because of the Internet and it is just makes sense that the health care system follow suit. This is the first step to global unity. 

It may seem far fetched right now, but it is in it's infancy and growing fast. As applications grow, so to will the dependency on the web for medicine.

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