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Monday, January 02, 2012



Every year resolutions are made and every year they are broken. What is a 'resolution' and why do we make them? defines a resolution as: A formal expression of opinion or intention made. 
Based on that definition, any conversation of worth could be deemed a 'resolution'. How is it, then that a large percentage of resolution makers do not manage to retain their resolutions? Simple, life is unpredictable. Free will is the one variable that is impossible to predict when it comes to making resolutions. 

Why not just make a promise to 'quit smoking' instead of making a resolution? defines a promise as: A declaration that something will or will not be done.
Okay so promise and resolution seem to resemble one another on the surface, but what is it that makes resolutions easier to break than a promise? This answer is easy too. No 'inner' voice. 

The 'inner' voice or 'conscience', is what gives promises such credence. We expect those who make promises to do whatever they can to maintain the promise made. Resolutions don't seem to come with a built in conscience meter. 

We certainly 'try' to keep resolutions that are made. That is, until that waitress walks by with a 'triple chocolate torte'. Damn her all to hell! 

When a resolution is broken, the ramifications aren't as severe as it is when a promise is broken. Unless, of course, it's a military resolution, but we aren't even going there. (that's a whole different ball of wax)

So, why do we make resolutions? To make us feel better? Sure. To show determination and self restraint? Okay. Because resolutions are fun to make and break? That's it! Resolutions are a fun! 

A group of friends can get together over a bottle of wine or two and make their resolutions for the upcoming year. The typical resolutions made are for weight loss, exercising, better job, new house, be happier etc. There really isn't a rule book for making resolutions. Nor is there a 'resolution cop'. 

Go ahead, make a resolution for this year. It doesn't hurt (much) and you never know, you might just find out how strong your 'inner voice' really is.

I promise that I definitely am not making any resolutions this year. Wait, is that a resolution?



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