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Tuesday, January 03, 2012


issue 1

2012 the year the 'Mayan's, 'Nostradamus' and a few other 'prophets' have deemed the year of Apocalypse and the earth's destruction of humanity. 

For as long as there has been humans on the earth, there has been people making predictions. As a psychic, I have myself made several predictions over the years but none as brave as the destruction of the human race. 

Staring into the abyss and waiting for it to acknowledge your presence can be tiring and taxing to say the very least. Of course, not all predictions come to pass (unless you are one of the 'Charmed' ones). 

Making predictions can make or break a psychics career as well. No one wants to go to a psychic who can't accurately tell the future. Right? 

So what makes a good prediction? Well, a clear vision is always a good place to start. Meditation is key to seeing what the Goddess is trying to reveal. A calm seer is far better for spirits to communicate with. 

The following items will aid in your 'vision' quest for predictions:

  1. Candles (I use white, red, yellow, orange, purple)
  2. Pentagram (I use my candles and place them to form the pentagram)
  3. Athame (to cut through the darkness and for clarity of vision)
  4. Incense (dragon's blood and myrrh are great to use)
  5. Smudge of sage/lavender (to cleanse the spirit and the home)
  6. Paper and quill (to write down anything that is required)
  7. Summoning spell (to call on assistance from spirits or the Gods/Goddess)
It takes time to perfect your meditation and communication with the spirit world. Once a good line is made, the visions will become easier and easier to get and understand.

My predictions for the upcoming year:

  • Major destructive Earthquake on West Coast of North America
  • Several plane crashes back-to-back in Europe that cause 2 airlines into bankruptcy over lawsuits (bad safety inspections)
  • Assassination attempt on President of United States and Prime Minister of England 
  • Large terrorist attack prior to beginning of opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics
  • Deaths of 5 major celebrities due to suicide

I'm quite aware that not all the predictions may come true, but they are made just the same.

Stay tuned to this new series on my blog. 

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