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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Juvenile Playoffs Make A Stop in Richmond


February 23, 2012

Minor Hockey is winding down it's season in British Columbia and the Juvenile Division is in the clutches of playoffs. With a spot in the coveted 'Provincials' at stake later in March, lower mainland teams are fighting hard to keep their Championship game hopes alive. 

Tuesday night saw the playoffs make their way to the Richmond Ice Centre which is home to Seafair Minor Hockey Association. The juveniles from Seafair were up against the juvenile team from Vancouver Minor Hockey Association. 

The game got underway with both teams hungry for a win. The fast paced game was suddenly halted due to a problem with one of the boards and it's protective glass. Since the problem was not able to be fixed immediately, a quick trip to the sheet of ice next door enabled the playoff game to continue. 

Vancouver Minor played with intensity but in the end fell to host Seafair with a 2-0 score. The second goal being an empty-netter.  Their game was the first in the four point series and Seafair goes into their next game against Vancouver Minor two points up. 

Vancouver Minor will host Seafair Minor on February 27th at 8:45pm at the Killarney Community Centre.

Provincials are being held this year will be held in Richmond hosted by Seafair Minor Hockey at the Richmond Ice Centre. Provincials run from March 22nd to 25th. 

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