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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Healthcare Having Heart Pains


March 14, 2012

The Canadian health care system is having massive heart attack but politicians are ignoring the symptoms.  

From overcrowded emergency rooms. To shutting down surgical wings, to deplorable sanitary conditions, Canadians are being mistreated, mishandled and misinformed when it comes to the state of our current medical system.

British Columbia is just one of the Provinces/Territories suffering from congestive heart failure. A recent closure of the emergency department in the hospital in remote Fort St James is just another nail in the coffin.  For the remainder of  the month of March (exception is weekend of March 17 and March 24), residents of the small northern BC town will have to call 911 or drive to another town to access medical assistance. 

Fort St James is a 152km north west from Prince George and 54km to the next closest hospital which is in Vanderhoof. 54 km could be life or death for someone suffering a stroke or severe accident. The shortage of available doctors for the emergency department is the underlying problem and one that is shared throughout the province and the entire nation. 

Several hospitals throughout the country have had issues with sanitary conditions including: cockroaches and "C Difficile" outbreaks. A hospital in Nova Scotia was found utilizing unsterilized implements in delivery rooms. Hospitals in Burnaby and New Westminster also having sanitary issues. 

Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster was so overcrowded at one point last year, they were treating patients in the 'Tim Hortons'. This year, they are being treated in non-sanitary areas like corridors and the main lobby area. (I'm sorry but the gowns are dehumanizing enough, does the entire hospital need to hear someone vomiting or worse?)

The Canadian health care system is on life support and will need a new vision and lots of 'tlc' to get it back to full strength. 

The Canadian government needs to change their laws (both Federally and Provincially) with regards to Foreign Medical degrees and practicing here. How many doctors does it take to figure out human anatomy? The answer is 1. 1 educated licensed doctor. It's amazing really that governments don't get that concept.

It doesn't matter where you study or get your degree. The body is still the body is still the body no matter where on earth you are. Stop the bureaucratic bullshit and allow these young WILLING doctors to practice.

How many Canadians need to die before a change is made? I think the death toll is already climbing to an unprecedented level. Time to wake up and smell the remedy!

Contact your local MP, MPP and voice your discontent at the current level of health care. Change is possible when voices unite. (also known as Elections)

Reference stories can be found below for more information.

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