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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Strolling Down Storybrooke Lane


March 14, 2012

"Once upon a time" there lived a relatively young, curious woman who wanted to visit her childhood fairy tales. Years passed by and still she was unable to find her way. 

Then one semi-sunny March winter day, she found herself deep in the heart of 'Storybrooke'. She had arrived! The look on her face was as if the six year old brunette leaped out of her soul and onto the cobblestone road ahead.

Our heroine, an unlikely sort really. At almost 45, she knew fairy tales were just that but still the draw of seeing Mr. Gold's Pawnshop was too much to contain. With a squeal she happily wandered over and snapped some quick photos.

As she snapped her 'pics', she took notice of another relatively young, curious woman also snapping photos. Could it be another girl with the same delightful memories? Indeed it was. Pleasantries were exchanged but alas, no names or online names to share the combined pictures. 

Down Storybrooke Lane, she noticed the Pet Shelter, Bakery and Diner. It was as if she stepped out of 2012 and stepped into the middle ages. Where oh where was Mr. Gold? He wasn't in the store. He wasn't on the street or in the diner. Maybe the evil Queen kidnapped him and made him do more scenes of what seemed to be a serial of sorts. 

Our happy woman, waved a hearty farewell to Storybrooke and vowed a speedy return. Perhaps, next time she may run into Mr. Gold or even the Sheriff! That would be awesome!

Stay tuned........happily ever after hasn't arrived yet.

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