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Thursday, June 07, 2012


June 7 2012

British Columbians are in the midst of a political atomic bomb countdown. The current Liberal government led by Premier Christie Clark; has been beat down, berated and beguiled.  

From Cabinet Ministers hastily departing Caucus to questionable decisions on Health care, Education and the most recent controversy Bill C311.  

While this Bill is being debated in Ottawa, BC's wine region, otherwise known as the Okanagan is holding it's breath awaiting the judgement for easier trade of wines throughout the Country. 

The Bill, would allow BC wines to flow free from additional taxation between provinces and would allow online sales. It also would allow visitors to wineries out of their home province the ability to transport wine across the borders. 

This archaic law may have had it's due during Prohibition, but certainly now in these times. When we can have 'free trade' across the United States, Mexico etc., why can't Canadians enjoy a bottle of wine from a different province? 

While, the Liberals would like to blame the Official Opposition, the NDP party led by Adrian Dix. The onus ultimately befalls the Premier and her Cabinet to rid the province of this out-dated law. We hope that Minister Rich Coleman will do what is right for our province and aid in the permanent disbanding of this law.


**update** The Bill C311 has passed in the House of Commons and is now being sent to the Senate for final passing. 

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