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Friday, June 08, 2012

My New Spiritual Name

June 8 2012

As I have been embarking on my newest journey to self-awareness and better health, the path has led me to the practicing of Yoga and deepening my connection to India.

I studied Hinduism earlier in life during my studies for my Degree in Spiritual Humanism and subsequent Ordination. The studies were brief but the basis for tranquility in both the mind and spirit remained.

As I pursue this new journey and embrace Yoga fully, I have opted to adopt a new spiritual name.  A request was sent with my intent of further personal growth and was given the beautiful name of Chananjeet Kaur. 

The name derives out of three separate definitions. First, Chanan which means Light of God. Second, jeet which means victory or victorious. Thirdly, Kaur which means princess of lions. (A title given to all women just as Singh is given to all men).

I fully embrace this new name and the spiritual connection it holds for me. If the Gods deem me worthy, I shall endure.


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