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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I'll Stand My Ground..excerpt from "Written in Blood"

I'll Stand My Ground

In screams I hear a young life lost
Press on press on
Muskets firing into the stillness of the trees
I'll stand my ground

My life for all
My mates my regiment our souls do roar
The line grows stronger with the need to survive
I'll stand my ground

A sergeants shout the rank will fall
Blood spills of man and spirit
Tomorrow is another day of movement
I'll stand my ground

 Pipes and drums encourage the troops
Dreams of peace slip away with the night
The fight continues
I'll stand my ground

Staring at the flag waving high above the field
Songs to sing stories to tell
Passing forth to a new generation
I'll stand my ground

Time passes by wars end
Forgotten by many remembered by few
Strength resurges with reliving the past
I'll stand my ground

Learning from mistakes
Respecting those who came before
Today and tomorrow
I'll stand my ground

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