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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Underneath it All...excerpt from yet to be published 'Inside the Dragon's Heart'

Underneath it all

She walked into the room head held high

A smile that inspired others

Piercing black eyes

She is a subtle beauty

Her laughter was addictive and contagious

The life of the party

Motivating and stimulating

Her energy electrified her surroundings

Her curvy figure drove the men wild

Yet kept the women free from envy

Not overly endowed

But enough cleavage for fantasies to ensue

Not an angel or a vixen

Somewhere in between

Confident in her intelligence and charm

But unaware of her captivating looks

Underneath it all she is just a woman

Vulnerable and seductive

Intelligent and playful

Seeking completion

 Underneath the satin and lace

Underneath the lipstick and blush

She’s just a woman

Trying to fit in

Sher B...2002-09-19 ©

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