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Friday, September 16, 2011

My Hero..excerpt from "Thoughts from the Talons"

My Hero

Not a man with medals or wearing tights and a cape

Not putting out fires or nabbing thieves on the take

My hero is charming and caring

Enjoys the world and thinks nothing of sharing
A man of convictions, intelligence and grace

Who doesn’t really care that he has a messy place

Laughs at my jokes and wipes away my tears

Embraces me tight when I tell of my fears

 An ordinary man just trying to fit in

Not looking for love but my hearts he doth win

Traveling hand in hand throughout the days

Similar in interests and still different in ways

 My hero is my friend, my confidant and my lover

Shares my hopes, my dreams but hogs the covers

I give of myself and thank the stars above

For once a stranger is now my hero to love


Sher B 11-07-2006 (c)


  1. That is lovely!! You write beautiful poetry!

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