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Monday, October 10, 2011

REGRETS....... 'Through The Eyes of A Veteran'


Thinking back to days long gone by
Feeling the pain
Enduring the guilt
A memory full of irreparable regrets

There is no cure no magic pill
Carried like a burden on heavy loaded ass
The heart with a gaping wound
Blood filled with drops of regret

Tears stream down into a pool of sorrow
As days turn to years
The mind unable to comprehend the anguish
A cerebral gravestone marks the regrets

No turning back no gateway to the past
Contending with the consequences
Actions and words painful reminders
Regret has its own personal agenda

The way out seems simple enough
A swift cut upon the wrists
A bullet fails in accuracy
Death becomes the final regret

Sher sept 20 2009 ©

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