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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A SIMPLE GOODBYE..excerpt from 'Inside the Dragon's Heart'

A Simple Goodbye

In the stillness of night

Tears flow like a tidal wave
From memories of a life gone by

Glancing over a marble stone
Reading the words over and over
Staring down at the wilted flowers

A simple goodbye not enough
Writhing hands and shaking flesh
Wishing fate had not wielded its hand

A portion of life ceases
Acceptance of past events and the road ahead
Not an ending but a new beginning
A transformation into a new entity
Angel eyes gazing down from above

Pain eases to a remindful hurt
Days slip into weeks into years
Marking anniversaries with tears and flowers
Passing on to next generations
A history of a life taken too quickly

A simple goodbye was not enough
Gone but never forgotten
Always in the heart forever in the soul
Missing you today tomorrow and forever

Sher B….2010-06-02 ©

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