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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Special One..excerpt from 'Inside the Dragon's Heart'


Through the vastness of time
The heart seeks redemption
Broken and alone
Twisted and tormented by fate

No words to be spoken
No actions can be taken
Self-preservation by erecting walls
Closed off to all who would tread close

The days run into one another
The nights endless in their passage
Staring at an empty space across the bed
Once filled by a spark of love

Brutally stripped from your grasp
No amount of tears can cure
In silence always wondering why
Screaming out in agony inside the dreams

Gone from sight but not from mind
Only a marker to prove their existence
Flowers wither and constantly replaced
The void is irreparable

Life continues on
Memories urge the feet forward
Reminders of what had been
Take place of what should have come

A sullen anniversary
A visit to a somber place
Oh hallowed ground you stare into the heavens
Questioning how you deserved such anguish

Looking off in the distance
Searching for better days ahead
Survival is the priority
Carrying on beginning a new

Glimmer of a smile
Reflected from the sun’s warmth shining down
As if they guard your path
Allowing you the moments of contentment

Knowledge of a future reunion
Where your heart will finally be at peace
Gone by hardly forgotten
Life forever enriched by the special one

Sher …2002-08-05. (c)

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