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Thursday, October 27, 2011



Every October, the house gets a complete makeover to transform into a house of horror? Okay, so it's not like 'Fright Nights', but it is my happy oasis and my obsession as most people describe it. I've always been a freak for Halloween. From dressing up and trick or treating as a young child, to parties and taking a whole month to decorate my house as an adult. Each year, I pick a theme and design the house around that theme. Fake walls, cemeteries, vampires, zombies, you name it, I love it and would like to own it all. 

This year, the house is transformed into my personal homage to 'True Blood'. Calling the house 'The Howling Fang Pub" complete with menu and designer drink list. (AB+ sells at a premium per ounce). A cute notation at the bottom of the menu to mark all the 'blood' was graciously donated. Having a sick and twisted sense of humor is a definite plus for this holiday. 

Of course, my Halloween isn't complete without baking. My recipes for 'Frankenbars', 'Black Widow cookies', Were claws are crowd please'rs but usually it's my cakes that speak spooky. Last year was a cemetery complete with 'Carrie' hand gummy prop. This year, something a little simpler. A tombstone that lists names from True Blood. 

Fun and creepiness aside, Halloween is also a high holiday for me. In the Pagan world, Samhain is similar to New Year's. We spend the 30th speaking to our ancestors, connecting with the spirit world and thanking them for everything they have put before us. We atone for our shortcomings (mine is gonna take days and days), bless our homes and families and start a new year fresh and clean.

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