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Wednesday, November 02, 2011



It may seem like a trivial matter and something you can choose to ignore, walk away and totally forget about. Getting a 'poppy' from a Veteran and giving a donation for it is a huge deal. Not only does it show support for past and current military personnel but it shows your patriotism for your country and appreciation for the freedom given. The monies raised between now and November 11 Veteran's Day (US) Remembrance Day (CAN, UK) go to help Veteran's readjust to life as a civilian. Go to help in housing, food, health care etc. 

Veteran's and current Soldiers don't get the attention they so richly deserve unless it's a national holiday or during the annual Poppy Drive. That is unacceptable in my eyes. We as Canadians (or citizens of your home country), have a duty to honor our Military every day and not just when it is convenient.

Never forget that freedom has a price and it's been 'Written in Blood'

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