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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A New Soldier..excerpt from "Written in Blood"

A New Soldier’s Life

Fresh faced and innocent signing up to fight
Weeks of basic training enduring on the mind
Rugged and tough eyes opened to new realities
Still unaware of the life to come

Deployed to a war zone engulfed in courageous fear
Prepared to stand post until properly relieved
Letters from home sparse but give hope
News and goodies welcomed sight to behold

Days turn into months, endless sleepless nights
Drills and exercises become second nature
Movie and popcorn a thrill on a Saturday night
A slight moment of relaxation within the bounds of war

Battle lines drawn memories embedded
Tour of duty concludes with bittersweet goodbyes
Plane ride home engulfs joyful anticipation
Family awaits their heroic soldiers return

A new soldiers life filled with challenge and awe
Regaining some semblance of normality
Daily routines begin to take hold
Always ready to protect our freedom

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